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Jafarr Symote - Those Charges Will Never Stick!

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OOC: @Ashley Yael introduced this phenomenal sensationalist journalist and it's just priceless.


((Starbase 118 – Marine Headquarters – Corridor 7A))


Jafarr:  ::perpetually interrupting::  Have you ever fantasized about *eating* your crewmates, Major?  You’ve got the *chompers* for it!  Do we need to be worried?  Kelemkor didn't knock that instinct loose while he was in there, did he?


The Bolian was trying to get a reaction, and he got one for sure.


Tatash: Erect a security forcefield around this deck section immediately.


The cameras kept rolling as the field came up, securing the area around them, and the Trill with the camera spun it to get it on film.


Jafarr:  Ooooh, big man with a forcefield.  ::taunting::  What’s the matter, Major?  Too big and slow to chase us?


Tatash: =/\= Tatash to Andrews, I need a security team to Corridor 7A urgently in Marine HQ. I have a group here I need taken to the brig for immediate investigation.


Andrews:  =/\= Affirmative, Major, team is enroute immediately. =/\=


Jafarr:  You can’t stop the free press, Major.  Journalists have rights!


Tatash kept the line open as he looked at Jafarr.


Tatash: =/\=  You are under arrest for suspected espionage and the distribution of classified information, you are also under arrest for trespassing in a secure military facility.  Your camera equipment will be confiscated, immediately. 


Jafarr:  You don’t want to do that.


Tatash: Should have checked who run the joint before wandering into a Marine base.


Jafarr:  You don’t seem to realize that-


Tatash leant in, letting out a low rumbling growl.


 Tatash: Please, I beg you, resist arrest. Nothing would make me happier. Now, the Security Officers, myself and the head of Intelligence are going to have a nice long chat about just how you came by all that information.


The Gorn leaning over him and growling that out actually stopped the paparazzi from speaking for a short moment, which was a miraculous feat in and of itself.


Jafarr:  ::stuttering slightly, searching for the right trigger::  That would be an abuse of power!!  And… aren’t you supposed to be on leave?


Tatash grinned as the Bolian squirmed.


Tatash: My friend, this -is- my idea of shore leave.


The shimmering of blue lights filled the room, as figures began to materialize.


Isaiah and two other security personnel, a man and a woman, arrived and quickly stepped forward to accost Jafarr and his team. Iz directed the other two towards the camera crew while he addressed the blue-skinned Bolian.


Andrews: Jafarr Symote, you and your team are subsequently under arrest for trespassing a secure facility. In addition, you are subject to questioning and investigation for possible espionage. I am going to have to ask you to come with us.


Jafarr:  ::finding his voice now that security was there between him and the Gorn::  Those charges are ridiculous!  They’ll never stick.  ::turning to his team::  Don’t worry, they’re bluffing.  ::back to the security detail::  Trumped up charges meant to scare the free press out of doing our job!


Tatash: ?


Andrews: We have to follow procedures Mr. Symote. There's a reason that these areas are restricted. If you're innocent of espionage as you claim, we'll find out soon enough.


Meanwhile Wilgun and Royden were relieving the crew of equipment.


Wilgus: Please hand over any and all recording equipment, including portable and hidden units.


Royden waved a scanner at the Trill, and it emitted a chirp.


Royden: Portable and concealed units as well.


Jafarr:  I’ll have you know, there is an automatic uplink for all our footage!  Even if you destroy our equipment, it won’t matter!  We’ll still get to the truth!  ::stammering as his team handed the items over::  But you better not break anything!  This is expensive gear!  I’ll *sue* you if there’s so much as a scratch!  ::turning back to his team::  My lawyer’s on speed-comm, don’t worry.


Tatash: ?


Andrews: Your objections are noted and recorded and will be part of the report. As of right now, though, you and your team will be detained immediately, end of story. ::He looked to Major Tatash:: Sorry about the trouble, Major. ::Tapping his comm:: =/\= Requesting transport to minimum security detainment facilities =/\=


Tatash: ?


Isaiah gave a nod and a thumbs up to Major Tatash as he, the other security officers, and the trespassers were engulfed in the transport beam.


(( Starbase 118 Ops - Detainment Area ))


Isaiah gave his most professional smile to Jafarr Symote through the bars of the cell that the Bolian and his team had been confined to.


Andrews: Just so you are perfectly clear, you are being detained for trespassing in restricted areas. In addition, you will be subject to questioning for suspected espionage as a matter of precaution.


Jafarr:  ::clearly annoyed at being imprisoned::  I don’t have to answer your questions!  My sources have the right to anonymity!  Where is my equipment?!


Iz had to keep from smirking. Served the guy right. It wasn't like Jafarr didn't know exactly what he'd been doing, harassing a Starfleet officer for gossip rag stuff.


Andrews: All of your equipment is currently secured in our holding facility, and you will be able to obtain it upon your release, provided you are cleared of more serious charges.


Jafarr:  I have the right to comm my lawyer.


Andrews: Yes, of course you will be permitted access to your legal team. And if you have an official complaint you'd like to lodge, we will of course provide you a channel for this.


Jafarr:  I’ll sue you for this!  This is false imprisonment!  The silencing of the press is the mark of a dictatorship!


Andrews: Duly noted, Mr. Symote. In the meantime, please enjoy your stay in our facilities.


Iz departed, leaving Jafarr and his crew to simmer with shared concern and frustration over their arrest.  The reality was, Jafarr had been through this before several times, and was almost sure he’d be released soon.  The only charge that had ever stuck to him before was trespassing, and that was such a minor offense it almost never meant a consequence.  He’d be free again, and he’d find a new target!  He needed more material for his show, after all.  The Gorn getting aggressive was intimidating, but it would make great television!


Jafarr:  ::musing to himself::  Maybe I should have goaded him more.  Out-of-control Gorn attack!  Now *that* would have been a headline.




Jafarr Symote

Propaganda Artist & Journalist

Written by Ashley Yael




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