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MSNPC Lofali'jit Katnar'fari - Honored prisoners

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I just have to put this stellar piece by @Toryn Raga up here for everyone to appreciate. The man really knows how to tell a story and bring life to a first contact species. Top notch writing. I'm sure this will go down as 118's least violent kidnapping.


(( Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV (Fari) ))


The scouts had been thorough. In some cases it was easy finding information, when one was considered little more than a pet. Those who considered themselves masters often weren’t cautious about what they said around those that were practically invisible. There, but forgotten because it suits the one in charge until they either made themselves known through irritation, or were actually needed for something. 


When she had received word that not only had a small vessel of unknown design entered the atmosphere and was last seen in an area where several notable Feladoni elite had residences, but that a handpicked group of Feladoni security had been tasked to escort some dignitaries, she had put the two together. 


These visitors were exploring the preserve, under escort, though none of her people understood how they had gotten there. No further reports of vessels entering their planet had come in. Which concerned her. Still, this presented an opportunity that they couldn’t pass us. And that Katnar felt she had to personally handle. She’d gathered Qalipu’fari and a dozen of their best and headed into the preserve. It had taken little time to find them. The Feladoni were known and easy to spot. But seeing aliens for the first time was a shock itself. Three looked similar in many ways. Fair of skin. Feminine. Two had pointed ears. And one was male, probably. And he was Blue! 


Katnar forced the shock down and made some subharmonic chirps of calming encouragement to the Mekra’fari with her. Using the tones and changes in sound far below at least what the Feladoni could hear to direct her people to spread out and stalk towards the group of what could be scientists. At least they were unarmed. 


This was a dance they were used to. Sneaking up on Feladoni. Taking them down silently. A quick strike to the back of the neck here. Or grabbing the mouth and nose and pulling them into a choke hold until they passed out. Violence not done in defense. It was unheard of among her kind. They should only touch, or take an item, or leave one behind to show they got close but didn’t harm. But now, they had to act. Do the unheard of to help their kind break the yoke of inequality. 


Snow: Anyone else hear that?


Rosek: ::softly:: Yes. I have the feeling our Feladoni escort is no longer with us.


Levinson: ::In a lower volume and relatively neutral tone:: I concur. Something has happened.


th’Koro: Response


The Feladoni security on the perimeter went down quietly, quickly. Katnar moved up closer, and stepped out of the brush, weapon in hand and leveled at the group. The rustling in the bushes was one of the Feladoni security not being incapacitated quickly enough. She would have to speak to her people later. 


Katnar’fari: Do not move, please.  ::She held her sonic disruptor rifle pointed at the group:: 


She had no idea if these aliens could even understand her, but she hoped that, having seen their escorts with weapons, that they would recognize that her and the dozen Mekra’fari that made themselves known surrounding them, all similarly armed, would get the hint. 


Rosek: I am Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek of the Federation starship Chin’toka. I respectfully request that you state your intentions.


th’Koro: Response


Qalipu’fari: Response


Katnar’fari: I do not know how you speak like we do, but it is good. It will make this easier. 


Snow: It’s a universal translator. It helps us communicate with and understand other species as we explore the galaxy. We mean you no harm.


Qalipu’fari: Response


th’Koro: Response


Katnar’fari: We do not wish to harm you, but we will if you leave us no choice. You will come with us. 


Qalipu’fari: Response


th’Koro: Response


Katnar’fari: ::She raised the rifle in her hands:: Then we will render you unconscious and you will come with us anyway. The choice is yours, but make it now. ::She said directly to the one who seemed to be their chief (Rosek):: 


Rosek: ::turns to her team:: Looks like we’re taking a slight detour. Tricorders out and keep your eyes on the terrain. Wouldn’t want any sprained ankles for Doctor Snow to need to fix.


Snow: Thank you. ::quietly::


Noa took a deep breath before even considering opening her mouth for a reply.


Levinson: ::Nodding:: Understood, Commander.


th’Koro: Response


Rosek: Your lead, … ::pauses:: How can I refer to you? ::grins:: I don’t want to assume and, in my culture, “Hey, you” isn’t the most polite thing to say to someone.


It was good that these aliens were cooperative. Already they were branches ahead of most Feladoni, who would have certainly fought back and lost. 


Qalipu’fari: Response


Katnar’fari: Good. ::She said sternly:: You may call me Katnar’fari. And before we leave, you must relinquish all of your technology to us. ::She raised a hand quickly:: We do not wish to keep it or study it. Only to ensure we are safe. These are unknown to us. 


Rosek: ::inclines her head:: As you wish.


Qalipu’fari: Response



She nodded to the pointy eared alien and made several sub harmonic tones to instruct her people to take their devices away from them. And to flank the group, keeping an eye out for Feladoni as well as watching their captives. 


Katnar’fari: My people will make sure you do not cross anything dangerous. 


She offered up after several minutes of travelling to assuage any fears they might have of their surroundings. 


th’Koro: Response


Qalipu’fari: Response


Eventually, they came out of the woods and approached the mouth of a dimly lit cave. 


Snow: If it's not too much to ask. May I inquire what you want from us?


With a nod, the other pointy eared one added their own question. It was odd, Mekra’fari ears were quite large, meant to pick up all manner of sounds. Theirs were much smaller, but she knew better than to assume that they could hear as poorly as the Feladoni. 


Levinson: And for how long do you intend on keeping us with you?


Rosek / th’Koro / Qalipu’fari: Responses


Katnar’fari: You are an opportunity. One my people and I have been hoping for for a long time. As for how long we keep you with us. ::She looked to the one who asked with a soft, but unwavering gaze:: As long as is necessary. 


Levinson: I see.


Snow / Rosek / th’Koro / Qalipu’fari: Responses


Eventually their journey led them to a cave in the hillside that gradually descended downwards. Katnar’fari kept her eyes on the aliens the entire time, while their scouts guided them down, down, down. Over the next two hours they walked through one twisting tunnel after another, often seemingly backtracking and turning in just about every direction. Every Mekra’fari among them knew precisely where they were going. Their echolocation gave them the precise layout and memory of their well used tunnels. But the intentional trip through the caves was meant to disorient their prisoners in the hopes that should they escape, they would have a difficult time finding their way back. Or so she hoped. 


Katnar’fari: We are here. 


She announced as the group emerged within the larger cavern that they had been using as their headquarters. Having passed by their outer sentires who were well concealed in the tunnels, some hanging from the ceiling to remain out of sight. 


The chamber was filled with tables, computers and various crates full of food, necessary equipment and materials and even weapons. Many with the telltale markings of Feladoni security upon them. 


As they entered the previous sounds of conversations suddenly halted as the dozens upon dozens of freedom fighters she’d gathered got their first glimpse of beings not from their world. Hushed voices and many wide eyes were met with a droning sub harmonic chorus of tones that mingled with the curious voices taking in the sight of aliens. 


Snow / Rosek / th’Koro / Levinson / Qalipu’fari: Responses


Katnar’fari: Take a look. Our world will never be the same from this day forward. See to it they are secured properly. They are our guests and our prisoners. No harm shall come to them, unless they bring it upon themselves by trying to escape or call for help. 


She stated clearly and so the group they’ve abducted could understand she meant every word. Unlike the Feladoni, her kind provided proper care for their captives. 


Snow / Rosek / th’Koro / Levinson / Qalipu’fari: Responses










Lofali’jit Katnar’fari

Formal Tribal Leader

Leader of the Mekra’fari Equality Movement


As simmed humbly by 


Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/SOR Team Leader/Acting FO

USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

PodCast Team Member

Training Team Member

Chin'toka Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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