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Constitution Returns to Starbase 104 for Repairs and Upgrades

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STARBASE 104 — Following an eventful shore leave on Endaasi, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) docks for the development and installation of upgrades to facilitate equality of access.

Upgrades included an experimental sensor system designed to reduce gravimetric interference. Engineers traced an issue with the impulse engines to a faulty driver coil assembly, requiring replacement of the entire assembly.

The arrival on the ship of two new Ensigns — Ens. Tagia Jutto, Ariolo, and Ens. Sirn, a particularly tall Vulcan — the staff undertook a project to improve the ergonomics of the bridge workstations in order to make them more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

They expanded this project team to include LtCmdr Akeela D’Sena, who utilises a wheelchair for mobility. Following a series of requirement gathering sessions, the project team determined and ordered the replacement of both consoles and other furnishings with holographically generated equivalents, capable of being adjusted. This would provide the greatest flexibility and accessibility for the widest range of crew persons.

The extensive emitter system, coupled with dedicated computing power required to generate complex holographic furnishings, is a standard installation on newer vessels like the Cardiff-class, but means a significant refit for the more established Galaxy-class.

“We’re putting some finishing touches on an implementation of the ship wide holo emitter system, which should improve access for everyone on board,” explained Lt Jacob Horne, the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer leading the project. “We started focusing on workstations, but then we quickly realised it had broader applications for all species and abilities.”

This type of initiative represents Starfleet’s commitment to equal accessibility for all its member individuals and species.


Written by Saveron

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