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Unexpected First Contact Ends Peacefully; USS Chin’toka Heads For Uncharted Regions

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PAR’THA EXPANSE — With the conclusion of a routine mapping mission and a successful, if strange, First Contact, the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) heads for the Uncharted Regions on a mission of exploration.

The unexpected first contact situation reported on the Chin’toka has introduced both the crew and the Federation at large to a new species of energy based entities. These ephemeral beings, whom we had previously reported, contacted the ship’s Assistant Chief Medical Officer, LtJG Dr. Elizabeth Snow, made their presence known to the entire senior staff during a New Year’s celebration.

Upon contacting the ship’s Second Officer and Strategic Operations Response Team Leader, LtCmdr Toryn Raga, telepathically, he agreed to facilitate smooth contact by permitting the alien representative to ‘merge’ with him. The Wiir, as they’re known, can inhabit an organic being’s body and share whatever senses they possess, and any thoughts they wish to share, a process they refer to as ‘merging’. According to our sources, only a voluntary ‘host’ can be inhabited.

“My brief scan of their unique physiology shows that what they can access is limited to the senses of the individual and whatever memories that are shared with them from the host,” explained LtCmdr Dr. Chythar Skyfire.

The Wiir witnessed the Chin’toka’s awards ceremony and a marriage proposal between LtCmdr Lael Rosek and Skyfire, and spent several hours in conversation with the senior staff before departing on cordial terms out through the lounge’s window into space.

Following the First Contact, the crew finished their survey and received new orders. A lengthy exploratory mission into a region of space nestled between Caraadian controlled territory belonging to Houses Beruna and House Barahn, just outside the Par’tha Expanse. Part of a portion of space known as the Uncharted Regions, the crew prepares for the mission, as they partake in the most sought after aspect of Starfleet’s mission. Discovering the unknown. As of this writing, no other Starfleet vessel has ventured where the Chin’toka is en route to.

Not knowing what to expect, the Chin’toka’s crew eagerly and excitedly go about preparing the ship as best as they can for whatever they might find. Because of issues with aging sensor suites and auto-guidance processors, the Chin’toka might ground their entire complement of Type-7 shuttlecraft. Unconfirmed reports say that the forty plus year old shuttlecraft might not be on the Akira-class starship much longer, thanks to the existence of the much newer and more versatile Type-9, 10 and 11s, and her handful of runabouts.

What will the Chin’toka find in the Uncharted Regions? New species? New phenomena? New technology? New dangers? Whatever it may be, we wish them well as they partake in what is perhaps Starfleet’s highest goal, seeking out new life and new civilisations.


Written by Toryn Raga

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