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Celebrity Sighting on Nassau Proves to be Disastrous Omen for Mis-Fortune

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MA NO UMI — Reports coming in suggest the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) has escaped into Ma no Umi following a celebrity sighting, an explosion, and winning a race in the underground pirate poles.

Events are unclear at present, however, the scarce information from the Orion Syndicate asteroid known as Nassau in the Ma no Umi sector has led the FNS to piece together a report.

Down in the dockyard of Mares de Oro, Captain Marisol of the famous novel series “Captain Marisol Adventures” appeared to greet fans as she disembarked from her vessel. Captain Marisol, the pseudonym of one Lt. Corliss Fortune, has become a novel star since the last time she visited Nassau. As a result, her fans gathered on the docks to glimpse the famous Marisol or even get an autograph.

Being rescued by a pirate friend of Lt. JG Lena Josett, LtCmdr Jo Marshall’s team, including Fortune and Ens. Sarah Phillips arrived at the club of Lucky Lervora, who for a favour told them about the location of a luxury yacht recently gained from a third party. While Josett and Fortune went to check-out said vessel, Marshall and Phillips had a nasty encounter with Theeda, a former enemy of the Gorkon, who held Ens. Tahna Meru hostage.

Sources attending the casino, Mares de Oro — operated by a local business owner and proprietor Volku — alleged a Bolian canasta game ended in victory for Doctor Loxley against a hybrid known to the FNS as Alred Evatt, wanted for crimes in connection with murder, kidnapping, and larceny. According to our unidentified source, Evatt wagered a small starship for Ens. Serren Tan, disguised as an Orion.

“I thought the disguise was quite a good one, myself,” explained Crewman Alice Blass, Medical Officer onboard the Gorkon. “He had green skin, changed his eye colour, and I think Doc Lox did something with his blood before they left, but I’m not sure. Either way, he’ll come back or he won’t!”

Across the asteroid, racers took to the slick asteroid lanes and pathways, ready to race their customised starships around the twists and turns. Rumours abound regarding pirates arriving from all over the quadrant to take part in race day events and matches to qualify for the underground teams spread throughout Federation space. LtCmdrs Samira Neathler and Ayiana Sevo, in the company of Lts Jona ch’Ranni and Pira sh’Qynallahr, got themselves an invitation to the races and a spot in the poles, thanks to a tip-off from an informant in the Pitstop Bar.

Following a crawl through some horrendous smelling sewers, Neathler’s team followed the tracks of a thieving human couple, who led them to a hangar where Orion mechanics had stripped the USS Azetbur (the Captain’s Yacht attached to the Gorkon) to its bare minimum.

Still following the trail of the missing Admiral, suspected on the list of kidnappers is one Rigelian named Delis Jhakra — rumoured to be a smuggler and entrepreneur operating out of Ma no Umi in recent weeks. Doctor Tali Namura and Lt Cory Stoyer became acquainted with the pirate, playing a game of poker for information on their situation. Jhakra persuaded Namura’s team to do a job for her in return for more information about what they sought. The gamblers were to infiltrate Evatt’s personal vessel and retrieve the device he kept in storage.

Things did not go according to plan. An explosion registered on the Casino’s automated defence systems as a Grand Nagus’ vessel appeared to flee the area.


Written by Samira Neathler

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