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Exploring Shipwrecks Near A Black Hole, USS Juneau Makes An Exciting Discovery

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AAVARO WILDS — Preparation made for exciting results, as the USS Juneau (NX-99801) continues exploring the Aavaro Wilds. When the USS Eagle (NCC-74659), later replaced by the Juneau, originally arrived in the area, it sent several probes out into the reaches of the region to better prepare them for what they may encounter.

One of those probes paid dividends already as the crew of the Juneau received data leading them to investigate a unique sight in this remote corner of the galaxy. As they approached the location recorded by the probe, the Juneau stared into a black hole. On closer inspection, the crew discovered two vessels trapped in the pull of the gravity well. One was of unknown origin, while the other was a Mithgiln vessel, ostensibly ripped in half.

After the crew created a relay of probes to draw information from the aftermath of the collision, the shocking discovery was that the black hole had captured the ships thousands of years ago and they drifted there ever since.

With the discovery of a living time capsule where both ships are nearly double the size of the Juneau itself, they wasted no time in dispatching an away team to the Unknown vessel. Once the team successfully reached the ship and docked, they found a ghost ship waiting for them. Further exploring led to the discovery of what appeared to be a battle scene within the claustrophobic halls of the ship.

At the same time as the away team discovered an area that resembled a cell block, the crew still on the Juneau discovered a signal coming from the remains of the Mithgiln ship.

“The recording was from the crew, made seconds after impact,” explained CWO3 C’Trow, First Officer’s Aide. “Marshal Ulian Lentir, of the Grey Star College, related from across the millennium how the other ship lured them to the edge of the black hole with a distress call.”

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Jansen Orrey

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