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Love Potion Number Nine Sweeps Through Starbase 118, Affecting Crew And Civilians Alike

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STARBASE 118 Ops — The station hosted a festival and the welcoming of Vedak Lova; a celebration of life, blessings, though quickly turned sour as a pheromone-based malady swept through the station.

Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim gathered up the senior staff to represent Starfleet and the Federation, as Vedak Lova arrived at the station. They stood on the steps of the temple in the Ashalla district. Maroon flags bathed the grounds as drums filled the air. The excitement was contagious as people gathered in the masses. It was a grand sight to see for both the Bajoran people and all those on board.

Vedak Lova delivered her speech. A toast and a drink followed.

It wasn’t immediately obvious to anyone present, changes had taken place in some attendees.

“The best way to describe it is an instant feeling of euphoric sensation, a bubbly high if you will,” explained Ensign Gemmell, scratching a suspicious red rash on her throat. “At least for most. Some of us weren’t affected. I don’t think Lt. Cmdrs Solaris McLaren and Nijil were.”

However, other strange things occurred. The Denobulan counsellor fought for control over a hibernation he wasn’t due for some time. The struggle vanished in time for him to admit an attraction to the station’s first officer. Lt. Nalni, a Barzan, found it necessary to adjust her breathing apparatus.

Nijil sent McLaren and a team of others not affected to begin an investigation. They started their search in Sickbay, whilst Nijil set out to find Taybrim.

Meanwhile, the chaos grew.

While mostly an overabundance of affection, some found themselves in a struggle for control over their limbs. CMO Lt. Sheila Bailey found herself, unknowingly, pooled onto the floor as if she couldn’t move otherwise. Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau struggled with triggers from her past as she suddenly felt feelings towards Taybrim.

As the bizarre behaviour continued, those unaffected made advancements.

Fresh officers from the Academy joined in, taking scans of everything and conducting a myriad of tests. Ens. Jacque Eriica and Ens. Toklo Dastrup isolated the source to the drinks, finding it wasn’t in all of them. Meanwhile, McLaren helped direct the medical staff and those aiding them towards a cure to help end the malady.

Nalni and 1st Lt. Anthony Meeks were in charge of distribution, meaning revisiting the temple, as nearly forty percent of those in attendance were affected by what was later discovered to be a pheromone accidentally mixed in with the drinks. With the much-needed aid of Lt. Cmdr. Ishani Kasun and civilian Ithri Sh’shelor, people were herded to the temple, ready and waiting to receive treatment.

Physical recovery was instant, however emotional recovery may take some time.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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