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Lt. Sirok - The old tree and the broken branch

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Where we get to see a bit more of Sobok as well as our beloved Chief Engineer, @Sirok.  The title itself just conveys a lot, and I love it.
((USS Thor, Main Engineering))
Several crew members performed their usual tasks of inspection and maintenance of the different systems. They were illuminated by the blue light of the bending engine that emitted its characteristic hum, which reached the whole ship.
The chief engineer worked on the holographic table, visualizing the data from the ship's systems. Checking for any irregularities. For some it would be a tedious job, for Sirok it was an opportunity to be methodical, to sort out his own thoughts while taking care of the ship's own systems.
His concentration was interrupted by the sound of the communicator.
Larell: =/\=Lieutenant, a civilian has arrived from New Bajor, he says he wants to see you. He says his name is Sobok. =/\=
Sirok looked away from the  holographic table , just before turning it off.
Sirok: =/\=On my way. =/\=
Larell: =/\=Understood. =/\=
((USS Thor, Transporter room 1))
Sirok entered the transporter room. And he found Larell talking to a very old Vulcan. His complexion was dark and hairless, even in his eyebrows. His back was already slightly crooked and he was wearing a traditional light-colored robe that was very well made. He supported part of his weight on a simple black cane.
Larell: With this type of coils we improve the stability of the transporter buffer. ::She happily explained to the hieratic Vulcan, who listened to her carefully. ::
Sirok: Live long and prosper, Sobok :: He said it in standard in deference to Larell. ::
The old Vulcan turned around, excusing himself with his hand to Larell because he could no longer hear his explanation.
Sobok:  Live long and prosper... :: Sobok looked at the engineer's neck. :: Liutenant Sirok.
Sirok: I was not expecting his visit, although he is welcome. Miss Larell, do you know if he has any assigned quarters? :: Since Teller decided to call him Chief Sirok, he avoided using ranks with his NCOs to avoid confusion, not out of disrespect. ::
Larell: Ehm, yes sir. ::The young Boslic woman approached her console. :: One of the quarters on deck 13. We have already sent his luggage there, would you like someone to call to accompany him?
Sirok: No Miss Larell, I will do it. ::He looked her straight in the eye. ::Good job.
Larell: Thank you, sir. :: He responded with a slightly disconcerting tone. ::
Sobok attended the conversation without saying anything, calmly observing how the two Thor crew members behaved.
Sirok: I will show you your quarters, come with me.
Sobok nodded and started to walk towards the door, stopping for a moment in front of the transporter chief.
Sobok: That was a great explanation, Larell. I expect we will meet again. :: In spite of the monochordic tone of voice, it seemed to have a certain warmth. ::
After his farewell, he walked leaning on his cane in the direction of the door, following the engineer. Sirok was waiting for him in his usual hieratic posture, when Sobok arrived where he was, he began the march towards the turbolift.
Sobok: I see you trying to use my advice to deal with beings driven by their feelings.
Sirok: I try to do it but it is not always successful. Larell is an example, I have been told that they must get used to my leadership style.
Sobok: This is partly true, but we cannot impose logic on them. For many of them their minds are not able to function as they should. They are attached to their feelings. So to function well, as officers we must adapt. Satisfy them to their feelings so that they give the best of themselves.
Sirok: It is not like lying?
Sobok: Acting, not lying. It is part of your job as an officer. If you were a technician and only dealt with the machine or enjoyed a crew that entirely followed logic, it would not be necessary, but part of your job is to make them work well, as a team. Authority helps, but it is not the only way.
They both walked through the corridors, occasionally crossing with some crew member, surprised to see an old Vulcan walking with the robotic chief engineer.
Sobok: You have been promoting very fast, more than I have in my day. So you will have to adapt faster than I did. But if you have made it this far at this speed, you can do it. I have heard about your Captain, he is a reputable man, many officers who have served under him have had brilliant careers. You can trust his judgment.
Sirok nodded as they entered the turbolift, Sobok had been a Captain for many, many years, making him a reliable source.
Sirok: Deck 13. May I ask what you do in the Gamma Quadrant?
Sobok: I try to help your father establish new business deals to get more resources for the Romulan colonies in Vulcan. They said there were opportunities on New Bajor, but as you know, there are not.
Sirok: Unfortunately, they are a clear example of why Surak's teachings are so important. :: He knew that their experience might not be a sufficient sample of all of New Bajor, but given the problems they had had it did not seem very misguided. ::But that does not explain why you have boarded the Thor.
Sobok: I know its new direction and it is close to where I have to go. In addition I can update my knowledge and of course, know your status first hand.
Sirok: That last was not necessary.
The turbolift doors opened, revealing the corridor on deck 13.
Sobok: On the contrary. Wisely, you ask for my advice because of my experience, but to give accurate advice I must know the context, which variables affect a situation. No matter how much you try to describe it, it is not the same as experiencing it, the same reason we explore space in person, we do not just send a probe.
Sirok could not argue with Sobok's logic. They continued to walk to the rhythm of old Vulcan.
Sirok: The head doctor is Vulcan, Doctor Alieth, maybe she can do something for your hip.
Sobok: It is already more mechanical than biological, but you still cannot fight time. But it is true that every doctor believes he has the ultimate solution to a particular problem, if she wants to see me I will not stop her.
They arrived at the quarters' door, which opened when they detected Sobok's bio-signal, for which it had already been configured. Sobok stood at the door and watched.
Sobok: I would almost have preferred a smaller quarters, this is almost three times the size of the Captain's cabin in an Excelsior class. Excessive for my needs.
Sirok: Is a standard guest cabin in a Vesta class. And it is unoccupied, if necessary for some personality surely the Captain would appreciate your willingness to change to another quarter.
Sobok nodded, agreeing with the young engineer and went into the room. The quarters were mainly illuminated by the light of the star bouncing off the surface of New Bajor. It was a large room, with a small living room, a work table and not visible from the entrance was the bedroom and bathroom.
Sobok: I am tired, I have had many meetings in New Bajor. But during the trip we must resume some conversation.
Sirok: I am learning to meditate better and better, it will not be necessary.
Sobok: Your life depends on it. And you begin to be a respected Starfleet officer. Something can be done. In any case, we will not discuss it today. Let me rest. See you tomorrow, Sirok.
Sirok: See you tomorrow, grandfather.
((End Scene for Sirok))

Lieutenant Sirok
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Thor NCC-82607
Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding


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