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Ensign Yael - Feazel the Lemur, The Series

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@Ashley Yael is on a roll tonight.


((Denobula - The City of Loxt on the Uvax Continent - 22 years ago))


Ashley watched with huge amethyst eyes as his mother threw the few things they needed into the pack in a fervent rush.  She made sure to pack her identification, all the vital information she would need… or for Ashley… her computer, credentials.  He clutched his favorite toy, the interactive talking lemur he carried around everywhere he went… Feazel the Lemur.  He’d been a huge hit with the children for years, ever since the children's holo-series had been released.


Ashley:  Mommy, where are we going?


Doctor Yael:  Don’t worry, sweetheart.  We’re not going far.


Ashley:  Are you mad at daddy?


She grimaced, and didn’t know how much to tell him.  He was only seven and some months… would he be able to understand?


Doctor:  Yael:  Yes, mommy’s mad at daddy.


Ashley:  Is it my fault?

She set her blue eyes on her son, noting his wide-eyed, alarmed gaze.  Swinging the pack over her shoulder, she made her way over to him and leaned down to lift him up into her arms, hugging him tight.


Doctor Yael:  No.  No, *none* of this is your fault.  It’s *my* fault, sweetie.


She never should have stayed so long.  It would have never gone this far if she had just left when she first thought she should.


She carried her son out the door and made her way to the nearest public transporter.


Doctor Yael:  Hold on to Feazel, okay?  Don’t let him go.


Ashley wrapped the lemur in his arm tightly against his mothers neck, rustling her long blond waves.  He didn’t understand what was happening, but even still, he could sense his mothers agitation… so naturally, he was afraid.


Once the transporter had carried them close to where they needed to go, Doctor Lina Yael carried her son and the pack toward her destination.  He was still small for his age, but she struggled under his weight as she rushed down the street.  It was no run, but the walk was fast… if she didn’t cross the doorstep in time she might not be able to stop it happening.


She arrived at the gate and stepped up to the processing window at the security shack, where a Human male sat at the computer, and looked up at her arrival.  She offered him her identification without hesitation.


Above their heads on the stone wall was a plaque.


“Earth Embassy.”


It was a branch offshoot, not the full embassy, but legally speaking it was Earth soil… which meant she would have the full protection and defense of Earth law.


Security:  Ma’am.  What can I do for you.


Doctor Yael:  My name is Lina Yael, I’m a dual Denobulan-Earth citizen.  I need legal assistance and safe lodging for myself and my son.


The man began to process her request, checking her identification.  The embassy was technically sovereign soil, as per their relationship and agreement with Denobula via their treaties.  The information went through quickly and he was opening the gates when a private transport slid haphazardly into a parking space, the door popping open quickly.  From the transport rose Deneve Phax, his eyebrow ridges furrowed in frustration.


Doctor Deneve:  LINA!  What are you doing?!


Doctor Yael:  You’re NOT cutting into my son's brain.


She pushed past the gate as soon as it was wide enough for her and Ashley to slip through, shoving the pack on her back awkwardly.  When she crossed the threshold a wave of relief swept through her.  Ashley nearly lost his hold on Feazel as it roughly brushed against the metal gate, but he held onto him with a tiny death grip born of fear, even as the mechanical speaker was activated by the pressure.


Feazel:  ::with pre-recorded cheer::  “Don’t eat my kidneys!  I need those!”


Doctor Deneve:  It’s *just* a simple surgery!  It could give him *years* free of the symptoms!


Doctor Yael:  A bilateral brain resection is *not* simple.  That procedure has a 70% failure rate and causes just as many problems as it solves, Phax.  You *knew” I wouldn’t consent to it, but you scheduled it anyway.  WHY?


Doctor Deneve:  It’s what’s best for him.


Doctor Yael:  You wouldn’t know what was best for your son if it smacked you upside your bloated ego.  You’re only thinking about *yourself.*  You’re EMBARRASSED by him.  Do you think your other wives don’t tell me what you say?!


The Denobulan man angrily stepped up to the open gate only to have the Human guard step in front of him before he could pass it.  Still, Lina took a defensive step back, her hold on her son tightening.  She heard her son whimper near her ear, so she tried to ease her grip.


Security:  Sorry, sir.  ::holding a hand up to stop him going further::  I can’t allow you to enter Earth Embassy grounds without the proper processing or legal representation.


Deneve glared at the man, but stepped back, not wanting to cause an inter-species scene.  But he still addressed his wife.


Doctor Deneve:  You’re being irrational.  I have the right to handle basic medical care for my own son, Lina.


Doctor Yael:  You *don’t* have the right to *butcher* him.  ::she glowered at him, the love she once felt for him clearly poisoned beyond repair::  I won’t let you do it.


Doctor Deneve:  This is *absurd.*  ::trying to calm his tone and sound reasonable::  Just… come home.  We’ll make dinner.  We can *talk* about this.


Doctor Yael:  So you can badger me until I do what you want?  Or pull him out of school and do it behind my back?  NO, Phax.  You’re not getting your way this time.


Doctor Deneve:  ::his patience disappearing::  It’s the right choice, damn it!  He can be more *normal*, Lina.  He can be symptom free for a decade longer!


More normal.


The blue eyed gaze she leveled on her husband was steely and ice cold.  She turned on her heels as the security guard closed the gate, locking the Denobulan man outside and leaving him to watch his wife make fast feet toward the main facility.  His son's amethyst eyes, filled with tears and wide with fright, set on him from across his mothers shoulder.  He was silent in confused terror by his parents yelling, Feazel the Lemur still clutched tightly in his small hand.




Doctor Deneve Phax

Neurosurgeon & Father




Doctor Lina Yael

General Surgeon & Mother




Ashley Deneve Yael

Adorable Munchkin


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