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Ensign Ariana Amaase- I made it Acel.

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The newest member of Ops has already worked her way into our hearts.  She's completely new to this format of writing, but that hasn't stopped her from sharing her character and worming her way into our hearts. 



((Whitburn, Scotland, Earth))

The wind had a cold nip to it, even though the sun shone in the sky. Winter always hit earlier and colder the further north you were. Even in summer there were several degrees of difference in some places compared to the south. 
Ariana pulled the collar of her coat up as she descended from the shuttle, to block the wind that the scarf wasn't able to. She was a few buildings away from the one she was looking for. The high street wasn't that busy as the morning rush was over. She waited for a family to pass before she headed in the direction that she needed.
Walking briskly, the shop soon came into view. An old man was looking through the window at a plaque. Her heart felt a little sad for him.
She turned the handle to the shop, which made the bell above it tinkle. It made her smile as it always did. She headed over to the flower stand, she passed the various trinkets that the shop sold to get to them. They ranged from ornaments, to greetings cards. She could smell the sweet flowery smell as she approached them. They had beautiful bunches of all colours waiting to be bought. But she looked for the ones with the most red, white and blue in them, as always. Spotting some that were blue and white, there was never any point buying pink. They always mysteriously wilted before she left.
Taking the flowers to the desk, she waited for the lady to serve her.

The young lady came over to her smiling.

Tiffany: Hallo hen, how kin ah hulp ye'r? 
Ariana smiled at the lady. The woman's voice washed over her and made her feel warm.
Amaase: Just these please. ::she handed over the flowers::
Tiffany: That'll be eight pun, please. ::she put the bunch of flowers into a flower bag::
Ariana took her purse from her inside jacket pocket and got the correct change out.
Amaase: Thank you. ::she smiled as she handed the money over::
Tiffany handed Ariana the flowers as she took the payment.
Tiffany: Hae a crakin' day. ::she smiled at Ariana::
Ariana gave a polite smile but had a somber look on her face. 
oOShe isn't to know. It's her role to be polite, she'd get no custom otherwise. Or grumpy custom.Oo She left the shop.
She paused outside and placed her earbuds in her ears. Setting her music on shuffle, she started walking at a brisk pace.
She had been walking for fifteen minutes and the highstreet had turned into houses about a quarter of her way there. She didn't have to divert down any turns up until this point, as it was a near straight road. She turned right and walked a couple of hundred yards before she stood back a little to wait until it was safe to cross. She wasn't waiting long before she made her way across. Before her there was a hotel to the left and hedges in front of her and they followed the corner around into the opening. She paused before she entered looking down the road as she always did. The memories it brought back.
Taking a deep breath and followed the path into a shuttle park that held around 20-30 shuttles. that winded around the grass fields. There were bushes here and there. Infront of her, slightly off to the left stood the maintenance building. It was never open, so she was not entirely sure of it's full purpose.
It took her around two minutes to reach the gate. As she did she paused to see his dog. It was clear to see from her viewpoint. She smiled.
oO He's a good boy, sat protecting you as always.Oo
She collected some water in a bottle she found in the bin and made her way over. She paid little attention to her surroundings, she had been here that often she knew where everything was. Her mind was full of her own thoughts. As she approached the path she looked up to see him. She took her ear buds out and placed them into her pocket.

Amaase: Hey Acel. I'm back again. ::she felt the familiar lump in her throat::
She walked down the path and vered right slightly to be stood in front of him.
Amaase: I have brought you flowers. They're blue and white, no girly colours, so no killing them. Hey?
A single tear rolled down her cheek, she carefully walked down the strip of grass, careful to not step on her brother or his neighbour.
She nealt down, his black stone in front of her.
Amaase: You're dirty. ::she remarked looking at his head stone:: I best clean you up. 
She placed the flowers down on the plinth and undid the lid of the bottle of water. She had always liked that touch with the bottles, they always went back there empty for the next person to use. She poured the water over the headstone using her right hand, with the left, she wiped over the stone to remove the dirt.
Setting the bottle on the plinth, she took the flowers out of the bag and the wrappings. Putting the rubbish into the bag, she placed his flowers into his pot.
Amaase: That's better. ::she half smiled admiring her handy work::
She walked back towards the path placing the rubbish in her pocket. Reaching the bottom of his grave, she sat down on the floor in front of him, crossed legged facing him.
She fought back the tears as she looked at the headstone which read:
'Acel Arron Amaase
The blue eyed boy.
236707.24 -235107.03'
On the actual head stone which was shaped like a heart either side at the bottom were two blue cartoon styled luck dragons.
On the bottom plinth it read:
'Missing you always. Forgetting you never.'
The lump in her throat burned. she choked back the sob that was about to escape. 
Amaase: Sorry bro. ::the tears started to fall thick and fast:: But you were one of the few who believed in me. ::she sobbed as she spoke:: I wish you could be here. I wish you could see what I have achieved. All that I have overcome. ::she had started to double breathe at this point, her heart hurt so much she thought it would burst right outside of her chest:: I made it Acel, I made it.

Ensign Ariana Amaase
Counsellor Officer
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