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PNPCs Salzaar Valys & Tenna Kyd - That's No Mere Wave!


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OOC: I was not ready for this.

((Far Rock Resort, Endaasi)) 
Salzaar had needed some time away, and Tenna had respected that. But there was a certain point where she went from respecting his need for space and becoming genuinely concerned for his wellbeing. That time had come, and she had attempted to contact him, unsuccessfully. So Tenna had gone sleuthing, a skill she was quite good at after years of working in trade and development. 
She knew her boss had gone down to Endaasi and hadn't returned to the ship. Starfleet vessels were meticulous about recording the comings and goings of all personnel, including civilians. 
She'd started where the crew had mostly beamed down, inquiring at the local hotels. They hadn't been helpful, but the directory had. There were stunning holo-images of different areas of the planet to visit. One such place was an archipelago that boasted private island retreats. Knowing Salzaar and his state of mind after the trial, she'd also want to go to a place far removed from other sentient minds. Betazoids needed to actively filter the thoughts of those around them, and she figured Salzaar might want to just stop doing that for a while to focus on his own feelings for a change. 
A few well-placed questions and vague promises later, and Tenna had found out what island he was on, and chartered a small boat to take her there. The islands proved to be slightly more fortress-like than she'd expected, as most customers simply used the transporter to access them. Tenna had to climb a narrow, slippery trail around the steep cliffs before finally reaching the summit, home to a small, rustic cabin. She could see the genuine surprise on his face when Salzaar opened the door. Tenna was one of the few people who gave off very little of her own thoughts for a telepath to detect. Deep down, she was overjoyed to see Salzaar's face. The normally enthusiastic man had been so low lately and even Tenna hadn't had much luck helping pull him up from that.
Kyd: Hey you...
Valys: Tenna, I... How did you find me?
Kyd: ::[...]ing her head to the side:: Who do you think you're talking to?
Valys: ::Thinly smiling:: Yes, I suppose that was a foolish question... A foolish question from a foolish old man...
Salzaar stepped to the side and waved his hand, inviting his assistant into the small but charming cabin. A fire crackled in the stone fireplace casting playful light on the wooden and stone walls. The slate sea outside seemed calm, as though facilitating a thoughtful atmosphere for discussion. Salzaar walked into the small kitchen and tapped a command on the countertop. Two cups of tea materialized quickly. The cabin wasn't devoid of modern comforts, for all its rustic charm. 
He handed a cup to Tenna.
Kyd: You doing alright?
Salzaar sat heavily in a comfortable chair in front of the fire. 
Valys: Yes. ::Casting her a glance:: Oh don't look at me like that. I'm fine. I'm just contemplating living like this for the rest of my days. I think I could do it. Far from the thoughts of others. Far from the petty scheming of people in power. 
Kyd: For what it's worth, I see you as more of a wide open plains person than a cold sea person. ::She sipped her tea:: Seriously though, Salzaar... I'm not here to try and influence your decision one way or another. I'm just here to make sure you're alright. 
Valys: It takes a special kind of person not to immediately leap in with their own opinion. So thank you for that... Where do you see your career going, Tenna?
Kyd: I hadn't really come equipped to talk about my own career either, you know...
Valys: Still, seems like a fair question.
Kyd: I like what I do right now. I get to make a difference behind the scenes. 
Valys: Have you ever thought about dropping 'assistant' from your title? 
Kyd: Thought, sure. Still not sold on it though...
Valys: Maybe think on it a bit more... I'd feel better knowing you might be the one to succeed me. 
Before she could say anything else, an urgent beeping started to emit from the hidden comm system in the cabin, followed by an announcement. 
Comm: =/\=This is an automated alert. A strong tidal surge is projected to impact this area. All beings are required to evacuate immediately. Proceed to designated transport location and prepare for transport.=/\=
The message repeated, but Salzaar and Tenna were already in action. Salzaar grabbed his few personal belongings and put them into his bag. Tenna helped by gathering things and handing them to him. Nothing like a sudden natural disaster to put a pause on a serious discussion.
They rushed outside the cabin to the middle of the island. Salzaar looked out at the ocean. It looked as calm as it had last time he'd checked. There was no big wave heading their way. The system's star had even made an appearance from behind a cloud. 
Kyd: Look...
Salzaar had never heard Tenna's voice approach anything close to fear before. This was a first. He looked in the direction she was staring. Moving toward them was a surge in the surface of the ocean. From here it looked like a bulge. There were several other islands like this one stretching in the direction of the wave. One by one, the wave hit those islands, engulfing them with a dramatic crash of white water. Then there was just the wave. 
Comm: =/\= Prepare for transpor- Wait. There are two life signs at your location. You booked alone, we weren't expecting-=/\=
Valys: =/\=Not a good time with the wave approaching!=/\=
Comm: =/\=You don't understand. The pattern buffer is already maxed out for evacuation!=/\=
The sky darkened as the wave approached. Salzaar could see the surge clearly now. Like the other islands, theirs would be erased.
Valys: =/\=Then get my companion out of here!=/\=
Kyd: No! Not a chance!
Comm: =/\=We can't. Sorry. We're locking onto your comm signal...=/\=
Salzaar shoved his hand into his bag and grabbed his comm badge. 
Valys: Sorry Tenna...
He slapped the badge onto her and pushed her away from him. Tenna Kyd vanished in a shimmering Endaasi transporter beam. Salzaar smiled as the wave exploded against the side of his small island paradise, engulfing it like the others in the archipelago. 
PNPC Salzaar Valys
Federation Trade Representative
UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau      
Tenna Kyd
Assistant to the Representative
UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau
Simmed by 
LCmd Edward Spears, MD
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
USS Constitution-B
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PNPC Tenna Kyd - Not Like This!

((Far Rock Resort Main Complex, Endaasi))
The transporter cycle completed and it took Tenna a brief moment to survey her surroundings. The structure was similar to Salzaar's cabin, only larger, and filled with terrified people. Their emotions radiated from them loudly, and it didn't take an empath to pick up on it. 
She felt a light touch on her arm.
Endaasi Hotelier: ~~You- are not Mister Valys?~~
Kyd: ::Emotionally:: No, I'm not. He decided that I deserved to live more than he did since you were being choosy about who was getting rescued!
Endaasi Hotelier: ~~Please, you must understand. Our transporter buffer-~~
Tenna wrenched her arm from the Endaasi's touch more forcefully than intended. She could have put up a psychic block, but she was done with the conversation anyway. She was done with this place. She tapped Salzaar's comm badge.
Kyd: =/\= Kyd to Constitution.=/\=
There was a crackling static from the badge. That wasn't good. She looked around, formulating a plan in her mind. She'd wanted the Constitution to scan the area, looking for signs of Salzaar. But if that wasn't possible then she'd mount her own rescue mission.
Tenna walked out of the hotel lobby and found twinkling sunlight shining down. It was the kind that followed a storm. The wave obviously hadn't impacted the hotel's main building. Lucky for all the people that were beamed there, she supposed. Tenna spotted an atmospheric shuttle and a few aircars nearby. Perfect.
A Bolian was talking loudly on his communicator next to the shuttle. He wasn't happy about how his solitary island vacation had just been dashed by a tsunami. Tenna didn't blame him.
Kyd: This your shuttle?
Bolian: ::Irritated:: I'm busy, can't you see?
Kyd: ::Shruging:: I'll take that as a 'no' then... 
She pulled a card from her pocket and placed it against the access panel. The code inside the card quickly wrapped its digital tendrils around the weak security algorithms of the shuttle's hatch and forced it to open.
Bolian: Hey! What are you doing?
Kyd: Saving a life!
She pulled a rather hefty wafer of gold-pressed latinum from her pocket and threw it at the Bolian.
Kyd: I'll bring it back. Consider that a rental fee.
The Bolian started shouting something about theft and security forces but Tenna wasn't listening. She closed the hatch and placed her card on the console. It took even less time for the code to break into the flight controls. Less than a minute later she was airborne and flying toward the island they had just been beamed from. Total elapsed time since being beamed off the island? About seven minutes, by her estimate. She slid her hand up the throttle control pushing it to maximum thrust and settled into the seat as G-forces pushed her back from the acceleration. 
Kyd: Hang on Salzaar. You'd better still be alive, you jerk...
PNPC Tenna Kyd
Assistant to the Representative
UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau
Simmed by 
LCmd Edward Spears, MD
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
USS Constitution-B
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PNPC Tenna Kyd - Air and Sea Rescue

((Ocean, Endaasi))
Tenna scanned the horizon visually, as though her eyesight could somehow compete with the shuttle's sensors. Still, it was the principle of needing something to do while the shuttle flew her programmed search pattern. The ocean was calm, sparkling, and incredibly vast. The system's star was also setting, casting radiant reflections off the surface and causing the shuttle's viewport to dim automatically. 
She had easily located the islands that the resort's secluded cabins had been perched upon. The pillars of rock remained, but the plateaus were devastated. Little remained of the cabins and other amenities that had made up the resort. Using data 'borrowed' from the Endaasi ministry of the environment she had extrapolated the best search course to follow based on the tidal surge's direction and rate of speed. She refused to give up.
Occasionally her comm unit would ping with an incoming communication from Endaasi security or aerospace control. She ignored them. She assumed they would simply demand that she return the shuttle she'd 'rented' from its rightful owner. She fully intended to return the shuttle, but only when she was done with it. 
The waves looked peaceful now. Any evidence that a massive disaster had befallen the planet was essentially gone. She sighed. The computer blipped. She thought it was the comm unit again for a moment, but this time it was the sensors! She quickly honed in on the brief contact. Something biological had just appeared but it was only for a moment. The sensor echo remained, and she plotted an immediate intercept vector. 
The shuttle was older, and not incredibly suited for atmospheric operations but it was fast enough to get her where she needed to go. The senors picked up the reading again, this time resolving that it was a lifeform. Tenna felt her heart start to race. She attempted to quell her adrenaline response but wasn't quite able. 
There! She spotted a floating piece of debris down on the surface. It looked like a section of wooden structure floating along. On top was the prone form of a man. She quickly isolated his signature and activated the shuttle's transporter. Salzaar appeared in the aft section looking haggard. His clothing was ripped and mostly soaked. Salt crusted the parts that had dried. His lips were cracked and he had pieces of seaweed in his hair. His eyes had a faraway look for a moment before he seemed to recognize what had just happened. He looked at Tenna. She looked back at him. Tenna dropped beside him and wrapped her arms around him.
Kyd: Never do that to me again, you idiot... 
PNPC Tenna Kyd
Assistant to the Representative
UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau
Simmed by 
LCmd Edward Spears, MD
Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
USS Constitution-B
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