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2nd Lt. Ishani Singh - The High Ground


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That @Iron Captain Geffrond Tell is a great writer is a fact, like the water is wet and the sun will rise again tomorrow (unless you are very close to one of the poles ;) )

For that alone, this SIM already deserves to be read. If we add to that the presence of fighter pilots (which I think polarizes the fans quite a bit) with a slightly different perspective quite interesting to read, the magnificent way of knitting tags for others without directing the answers too much and that this SIM is a scene that connects two other scenes (so that the whole act gains a more cinematographic momentum) makes this SIM a great example of good work to involve the crew and keep the tension and interest high.

Brian, you are so good at what you do that you are just loathsome, :P Keep it up, setting the bar very high so that we can strive to live up to you


((Valkyrie 4, Grey mode, Orbiting New Bajor))
For 2nd. Lt. Ishani Singh, time had slown to a crawl.  With her fighter and that of her wingman's completely shut down to prevent detection by anyone who might be snooping, there was little to do in the [...]pit but read and wait for a go signal that might never come from the biomonitor.  Behind her, for the eleventh time this hour, her sensor information officer cracked his knuckles loudly enough to make her stomach turn.  Ishani's eyes wandered over the ejection controls for a moment before she smirked to herself and shook her head.  
Singh:  Henderson, would you cut that out?  You're not going to have any tendons left in your hands at this rate, and you've got a lot of buttons to push back there.  
Henderson:  Response
Singh:  You know why we're here.  Because those were our orders, Marine. As for why you're here - I can only assume Lieutenant Greaves is still upset I cleaned him out at poker last month.  
Ishani let the smile creep into her voice.  If there was anything Marines were good at doing in their free time, it was harassing one another mercilessly.  It was a bit of ever-present sparring that existed between fighting men and women meant to keep one another sharp.  It was as good a way to pass the time as any right now.  
Henderson:  Response
Singh:  Well, specifically, our orders were to conduct a training operation.  Fleet Captain Kells didn't want to inflame the situation by bringing a big security force down to the planet, because it's his job to be a good representative for the Federation and Starfleet Command.  Commander Teller didn't want the CO to be totally exposed, because it's his job to look out for the welfare of the crew, Fleet Captains included.  So he ordered 1st Lt. Greaves to put a low profile support detachment together, because it's his job to make sure a crayon eater like you has something to do with their days.  ::Ishani paused, enjoying the brief moment of silence::  You following all this so far or you like a picture?  
Henderson:  Response
Singh:  So, right now we're training.  Our hypothetical training scenario is that the CO and several officers have beamed into potential hostile territory and the Thor has been called away.  We are to on high guard.  Out the window to our starboard, you'll see Valkyrie 5 doing the same thing.  A bit below us and aft is a type 9 shuttle, the Freyr. Should we hypothetically observe something atypical...::Ishani tapped a knuckle on the biomonitors locked onto the away team to accentuate her point::...the shuttle is here to extract our people and we're to provide support.  Do you even listen during the briefings?  
Henderson:  Response
Ishani laughed despite herself.  There was a reason the two of them worked so well together.  
Singh:  Fine, but next time I expect you to...
The only display in the [...]pit with any power routed to it began blinking in earnest as an ear piercing alarm howled, instantly cutting through the chatter.  The biosigns of the away team were fluctuating wildly and Fleet Captain Kells himself appeared to be critical.  Ishani's hands were already moving across her controls and activating the fighter's rapid startup sequence.  Their training operation had just become much less hypothetical.  As the engines spun up and the fighter came alive, Ishani's voice became cool and professional. 
Singh:  Advise the strat ops officer on the rescue shuttle we are inbound to secure an LZ for them.  They're to wait till we're passing through the mesosphere and then follow us down.  What's our ETA to the ground?  
Henderson:  Response
The bioreadings on the Captain were already falling into the critical ranges.  Ishani considered the variables for a fraction of a second and opened a direct comm line to the Freyr.
Singh:  Freyr, this is Valkyrie 4.  We are ten seconds from burndown.  Sensors show our people in trouble.  Can you confirm?  
Rouiancet: Response
Singh's hands tightened around the controls as the computer counted off the final seconds.  
Singh:  Copy all.  Valkyrie 4, committing.  
Henderson/Rouiancet: Response
The nose of the fighter aligned with the planet and the engines surged to life.  Out the [...]pit window, New Bajor grew until it filled Ishani's view entirely, and then the plasma flames of reentry began creeping around the canopy. The roar in the [...]pit quickly grew deafening.  
2nd Lt. Ishani Singh
Marine Aviator


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