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[Act 2] Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - Burdens of Command


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Mr. T (aka @Iron Captain Geffrond Tell ) never disappoints and is able to juggle and mix humour, drama, and bring a scene to life in an outstanding way.

And, of course, establishing small details that become IMMEDIATELY canon (or headcanon). That Sulu catchphrase? Canon forever ;)

thanks for this little gem


((Bridge, USS Thor))
In center of the bridge and awaiting new sensor data, Geoff had a few moments to consider the limited information the Thor had been able to piece together since his team returned from the surface.  They discovered that Lt. Cmdr. Brodie's meeting with Governor Tidak Beru had been long, boring and had come to a strangely incarcerating end.  The Governor seemed insanely intent on preserving the image of his colony as perfect in every way.  Information from several locals, including a government minister and a civilian who snuck aboard as part of a tour group, strongly suggested otherwise.  The crop blight his away team observed first hand at the Landor farm was apparently affecting the entire colony and may have been for years, but the local government had turned a blind eye to the problem.  
It was why, over Geoff's own objections, Flt. Cpt. Kells was returning to the planet himself in an attempt to deescalate the situation.  It was also why Geoff was about to take the Thor away from the planet, although he hated the idea of leaving any of the crew in such a precarious environment.  His mission was to track down this mysterious trading ship and to determine what connection it had, if any, to the situation on the surface.  Geoff tried to ignore the feeling he was going after the proverbial goose.  The science team had developed this information based on interviews with their 'stowaway,' and it was as close to a lead as they had.  It would be up to him, Chief Sirok and Ensign Peri to figure it out.  
From the rear of the bridge, Geoff heard the doors to the Captains ready room swish open as the man himself bounded out and joined his away team.  
Kells: Doctor, Ensign. Let's hope that we fare better with the governor this time.
Dar: Captain, I hope this next round goes better than what we experienced with the farmers.
Alieth: I expect that your authority as a Starfleet Fleet Captain will make a difference on this occasion
Geoff turned in the chair as Captain Kells paused to address him.  
Kells: Keep things as steady as you can, Commander. This shouldn't take long.
Geoff rose from the Captains chair and offered Kells a curt nod.  
Teller: Aye sir, although I wish you would take a few of the Marines down with you.  Ensign Dar, the Fleet Captain's safety is your personal responsibility down there.  Doctor Alieth...
When Teller's attention landed on Doctor Alieth, a strange torrent of emotions not his own washed over him. Longing.  Regret.  Admiration.  Shame.  A second later, it was gone, and Sern had retreated to a quiet corner of his mind.  The rush of emotions had been so abrupt Geoff felt lightheaded.  Geoff rubbed his temples and tried to blink stars out of his eyes.  
Teller:  ...Sern says hi.  A very loud, very painful hi.  For both our sakes, be careful down there.  
Alieth: ::Raising a hand in a perfect ta'al:: Take care Mister Teller.
Geoff smiled and turned back to the bridge as the Captain's team headed for the transporter room.  Once he received confirmation the Captains party had been received and weren't being actively shot at, he could proceed with his own part of the mission.  A few moments later, Chief Sirok and Ensign Peri joined him on the bridge and took their stations.  
Teller:  Chief, Ensign - our job is to go track down this disappearing supply ship.  Chief, I'm not expecting trouble but all the same, why don't you run our primary tactical systems through some diagnostics.  Ensign Peri - what was the last known location of the supply ship - that seems as reasonable a place to start our search as any.  
Sirok/Peri:  Response
Teller:  Very good.  Helm, lay in a course to those coordinates and prepare to engage at warp 6. ::Geoff snapped his fingers::  Oh, that reminds me.  Maybe you two can help me with a little bit of a personal project.  
In his mind, Sern actively groaned.  For the past several days, the Vulcan had to deal with Teller's obsessive thought process and this had been weighing heavily on Teller's thinking.  
Sirok/Peri:  Response
Teller:  Well, all the great CO's have something cool to say when the ship goes to warp.  Picard had 'Make it So,' Freeman had 'Warp Me', even Admiral Sulu had 'Warp factor ohhhhh myyyyy.'  This third pip ::Geoff pointed to his collar:: comes with a lot of unexpected PADDwork, and one of the questions I got from command was 'desired warp catchphrase.'  Any ideas?  
Sirok/Peri:  Response
Teller:  Mine are terrible!  All I've got so far is 'Warp it to me baby,' and 'Warp it up.'  Right?  Awful.  
Sirok/Peri:  Response
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding


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