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Ensign Dar Elandra: Well that went well...


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Another good example of @ElandraDAR 's good work. Not only does she add extra weight to the scene, but she is able to write 3 very different characters in it, knitting everything masterfully with the contributions of her cowriters here: @Iron Captain Geffrond Tell , @Sirok and @Tara Wilkins . An excellent job and a great way to close a scene leaving us full of questions and wanting to know more. Good work to you all!


((New Bajor - Landor Farm))
From the kitchen came the sound of a shattering plate, and then hurried motion.  Geoff sincerely hoped that meant the cavalry was about to arrive, and it did in the form of an absolutely furious looking Mrs. Alnar.  She walked right past the gunmen and fixed her husband with a furious stare.  
Teller:  I'll be honest with you, Landor - I'm much more scared of her than I am of your lot. 
Landor shot Teller a glare as his wife came storming out the kitchen her expression was unimpressed.
Landor: Out of the way Alnar.
Alnar: Excuse me.
Dar had not seen Alnar this angry or Landor this defiant it was all very new to her.
Dar: Landor, you don't have to do this...we are here to help.
Sirok: If you want to persist in such illogical behavior which will only hurt further your dying community through rejecting or stealing the equipment and training we have available to assemble and operate it yourselves,  do so. If you want to be so foolish to blame us for something that the Federation or Starfleet has done or not done, because of something that happened before most of our team was even born, fine.
Chief Sirok attempted an appeal to logic and Geoff appreciated the Vulcan's rationality, but he suspected the livid Mrs. Alnar would have a more lasting impact on her husbands decision making process.  
Sirok: And if you want to face the Federation and Starfleet applying law, since as citizens of the Federation you have acted against your fellow citizens, then that is your choice. But when you see one of Starfleet's most modern starships chasing you, your ruined colony and its starving people, be sure to know it has been your decision. ::The chief engineer maintained his continuous, monotone voice. There was no aggression, no irony, it was purely informative, like when the computer warned about a system that was reaching a critical point before it exploded. ::
Landor scowled at Sirok, he had never liked Vulcans and today was not the day that was going to change that. His wife had now positioned herself between the Starfleet officers and himself and the others and Dar was standing close to her.
Landor: You mind your tongue Vulcan, I've killed me for less. :: His eyes flickered to his wife and old friend. :: We are desperate and we are tired of waiting for others its time we take matters into our own hands.
Alnar: I am tired of fighting, we came here to stop fighting and get away from it now you want to start again.
Dar glanced at Alnar, and smiled slightly. She knew how she felt alot of Bajorans felt that way especially the older generation. She knew her parents felt that way and she was sure of that.
Dar: Landor, you know she's right. Please, we have fought enough you both have fought enough do you really want to risk everything cause you are being stubborn?
Landor: I want you to leave...:: He paused. :: All of you. :: His gaze fell on Dar, his eyes locking with hers. ::
Teller:  If that's what you want, fine - we're leaving.  Supplies will be waiting for you at the agri-center just in case your pride doesn't keep you from going hungry.  Ensign Dar, take point.  Chief Sirok, Ensign Wilkins - drop anything we didn't bring with us and start walking.  ::Geoff nodded his thanks over to Mrs. Alnar::  The Thor will be in orbit for the next few days at least - if you change your mind.  
Landor: Good.
Was all he could say as he glanced at the other farmers who till this time still had the weapons pointed at the away slowly lowered them. Alnar looked at Dar and the away team the apology in her eyes. Turning to Dar she took her hands in her own and gave them a squeeze.
Alnar: I am so sorry Elandra, you know how he is that much has not change, but things are hard and well....
Her voice trailed off as she let go of Dars hands and followed her husband and the others back as she watched the away team leave the farm.
Geoff kept his eyes on their would be attackers until they were well down the road and out of sight.  It was a long, quiet walk back to the runabout, and when they finally sealed the hatch Geoff felt a deep, frustrated anger gnawing at him.  
Teller:  Ensign Dar, thanks for your help back there - I think you kept that from going worse than it did. 
Quietly cursing to herself she almost didn't hear the Commander and glanced at him.
Dar:  I didn't do much, you should be thanking Alnar. :: She sighed.:: He hasn't changed at all. :: She said more to herself than she actually did to the Commander. ::
Teller:  Good work.  Get up front and start pre-flighting the runabout, I'll join you in a minute.  Chief Sirok, Ensign Wilkins - unload what supplies you can but I want to be in the air in five minutes.  Longer we sit here, greater the chance Landor or one of his friends decides to take a shot at us just for old times sake.  You both did well back there - hopefully we can help these people.  
Dar nodded her head walking ahead a little.
Sirok: Sir, I would just leave the water purification system to them. Everything else can be easily weaponized. And because of his mental state he would not leave such equipment to a private community, it would give him an advantage over others if the situation continues to deteriorate. ::He had heard that the Bajorans had practically come to a civil war because of soil reclamators.::
Wilkins:  Response
Teller:  We've walked into a situation unaware and unprepared, and we're very lucky that ignorance didn't get us killed.  We need to share what we've been able to collect with the science team, and I need to let the Captain know our nice little delivery mission is turning into a full blown crisis.  Lets get going. 
Sirok programmed the sensors to look for the origin of what was blocking the frequencies. If they wanted to do it in a planetary way they would need at least one emitter and several repeaters. If they did it in a particular zone. It might not achieve anything, but it could help Thor eliminate them if necessary.
Wilkins:  Response
With the crew secured and the supplies as unloaded as they could be, the runabout Ra again took flight and arched back towards orbit and the Thor's shuttlebay.  Only a few small particles of soil had become embedded in the runabouts landing gear, but that was more than enough for the runabout to bring an entirely different, and completely unnoticed sort of passenger up from the surface. 
[End Scene]

Ensign Dar Elandra

Security Officer

USS Thor - NCC 82607





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