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Juneau Tracks Down The Source Of Pirate Raids In The Aavaro Wilds

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AAVARO WILDS — After a sneak attack by Breen and Jem’Hadar pirates, the USS Juneau begins the pursuit of their attackers.

Following the discovery that a combined force of Breen and genetically augmented Jem’Hadar have perpetrated the attacks on shipping lanes in the region, the crew of the USS Juneau (NX-99801) proceeded further into the Wilds in the chase. After their own hit-and-run battle with the pirates, the crew worked on repairs while still following the signal created by a pair of magnetic probes fired at the hull of the Breen ship.

The signal guided them into the heart of a local interstellar body called the Sandwich Nebula. While the interference typical of flying in a nebula plagued the ship, the use of the probes allowed them to still track their target. The pair of probes steered the Juneau to a space station hidden inside the cloud of dust and gases. Just before a swarm of Jem’Hadar fighters attacked the ship, an away team beamed down to the station.

Once they arrived on board, the away team found their communications blocked. Between several firefights, which resulted in the wounding of two Starfleet Officers, they discovered themselves on a repurposed Imperial Romulan space station. An amalgam of the three different styles of technology crushed in against each other. While the team reached out telepathically, attempting to contact the ship, they fought their way through the Jem’Hadar assault squads until they reestablished communications with the ship.

The Juneau defended itself against the attacking fighters like a bull swatting at flies. In between repelling the fresh waves of attack, the crew of the ship reached out in an endeavour to give proof to the Jem’Hadar about the deception of the Breen. Through the combined efforts of the crew, they established contact with the Jem’Hadar First. Although the Breen escaped the station and the local area peaceful, if tense, communication started with the Jem’Hadar about their new place in the galaxy.

With Federation specialists dispatched to the station, the Juneau and her crew returned home to Utopia Planitia fleet yards for repairs and examination given the prototype nature of the vessel. Command granted the crew leave to rest and recover from their ordeal.


Written by Jansen Orrey

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