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NPC Landor Imar - Seems we have some guests!?


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I am always impressed by Dar's ability to provide great quality and depth to her characters, with a few concise lines. Here, with an MSNPC she shows it in all its splendor, sketching the life of an entire family and how it articulates with the mission in a wonderful scene. An admirable presentation of MSNPC.

Good work @ElandraDAR  !



((New Bajor - Landor Farm))
Imar rubbed the hollow of his back as he stood in the middle of his third-largest Kava field, wiping the sweat from his brow he angrily kicked the small patch of the dying crop. His frustration was mounting and his desperation as well. This was his second field now of Kava that was failing and there was no reason for it. Sure the sun was a little warmer than usual this season but Kava was a hardy plant and did ok with little water, they had, had some rains not as much as usual but still, this would not explain his crop dying on him. Ripping his hat off his head angrily he glanced upwards towards the sky at that very moment he spotted a shuttle. He narrowed his eyes slightly it was some distance but he could tell it was coming in to land somewhere. Turning to follow the direction it was heading, it disappeared in the distance. At that moment a voice cried from the distance.
Woman's voice: Imar! Imar! Lunch is ready.
Glancing down slowly in the direction he saw the fuzzy outline of his wife waving at him. Grumbling under his breath, putting his hat back on the older man, somewhere around his mid 60's tall and somewhat lanky began to make his way towards his wife and the lunch she was shouting about. After about 10 mins of trudging through the field, he walked into the small courtyard of his Farmstead, the shade that the nearby tree's offered the courtyard cooled it down somewhat offering a welcome retreat from the heat of the open fields. Walking past a bucket of water that stood on the rim of a well he scooped a handful of water and splashed his face and neck. His wife peeked her head out the doorway of the main house.
Alnar: Well you took your time getting here, Bordan and Farral are on there a way we can wait for them or start without them your choice. Knowing the boys they might take there a time like there dad.
He could see the slight smirk on her face as she disappeared back into the house to continue with whatever it was she was preparing for lunch.
Chuckling to himself he entered the house directly into the small kitchen area, the smell of Hasparet stew filling the air.
Imar: Well those boys better not dawdle or I'm going to eat everything. :: He paused and took a deep whiff of the food, his belly grumbled. :: It sure does smell good.
Pulling out a chair by the nearby table he sat down slowly, his body was a little sore but that was too be expected with his age and the amount of labour he had endured in his life, both on the farm and during the Cardassian occupation. Watching his wife as she began to dish bowls of stew he smiled. He wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
In the distance he could hear two voices talking as loud as they could, the voice grew louder as the owners drew nearer and after a few minutes the familiar faces of his sons, Bordan and Farral came bursting into the kitchen.
Borden: Dad you will never guess what we saw.
Borden, his eldest spoke as he sat down and scooped a spoonful of stew shovelling it into his mouth.
Imar: Let me guess you saw a Shuttle.
Farral: Federation Shuttle to be more exact.
Imar paused, he had not been able to make out the shuttle too well but had assumed it was a routine survey shuttle as it was heading in the direction of the agriculture centre. But Federation, what did they want here.
Imar: You sure about that?
Borden: We're sure, and guess what they might be doing here?
Landor Imar
Bajoran Farmer
New Bajor


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