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Ensign Dar Elandra: Moods and Changing Shuttles.


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I' m always impressed by Dar' s great talent for incorporating small scenes from the life of both her character and her child, how she weaves them into the current and former events, and how she is able to give all her SIMs a sense of continuity and consistency. Good work !




((Deck Eight - Room 1203 Personal Quarters - USS Thor))
Dar rolled her shoulders as she made her way to the lounge area, Kalib was sitting at the small dining table eat his cereal. He looked up at his mother briefly before returning to his food.
Dar: And that look?
There was a moment's silence before her son responded.
Kalib: You're going on an away mission again.
She could hear the slight displeasure in his tone, she wasn't surprised. Moving to the replicator she sighed.
Dar: Coffee, black, hot.
After a few minutes, her beverage appeared, taking it she turned around to look at her son.
Dar: It's to New Bajor Colony, the risk of danger is low and I won't be gone long.
Kalib let his spoon settle in the bowl as he leaned back in his chair watching as his mother sipped her coffee. He nodded.
Kalib: I know, its never long then it ends up being long...
Standing up pushing back the chair as he did he picked up his school bag making his way to the door. Dar stood a little stunned by what he had said and his reaction.
Dar: Don't you say bye?
Without looking over his shoulder as the doors opened Kalib spoke.
Kalib: Bye.
With that said he disappeared into the corridor the doors closing behind him leaving his mother speechless. Turning placing the cup back in the replicator she wanted to hurry after him and find out what was bothering him but as she checked the time she grumbled under her breathe and head out, taking the opposite direction of her son towards the nearest Turbolift and the main hanger bay.
((USS Thor, Main Hangar Bay))
Still somewhat taken aback by Kalibs reaction and slight show of frustration she stepped off the Turbolift and headed towards the Main Hanger bay doorway, entering she found herself in a very busy and bustling Hanger Bay as the shuttles were being loaded with the farming machines, purifiers and so forth. As she made her way further in Lieutenant Commander Sirok walked over to her.
Sirok: Good morning, Ensign. There is little left for the entire load to be secured. :: He informed her::
Dar: Seems I have missed most of the fun.
Sirok: Do you know the colony or someone who lives there?:: I knew it was rather unlikely, but if it happened it would be an invaluable aid to the course of the mission..::
Dar: I am not sure, I know alot of people and alot of people know me on Bajor who knows maybe I'll bump into a familiar face.
Sirok: I understand.
He was going to ask again when Ensign Wilkins arrived.
Sirok: Good morning Ensign.
Dar: Morning Ensign, bright and early.
Sirok: Are you ready for the mission?
Dar: Sounds like a straight forward mission, think we couldn't be any more ready.
The last to arrive was Commander Teller, Sirok assumed because of his responsibilities on the bridge.
Sirok: Good morning commander.
Teller:  Morning Chief!  Glad to see you got an early start.  Don't know about you folks, but I'm a more than a little excited.  First planet I'll be stepping foot on in the Gamma Quadrant.  That's gotta be worth a mention in the personal log.  
Wilkins: Response
Dar: You don't get out much do you, Commander?
Geoff smiled and nodded, about to continue, when a shockingly bald senior Chief came jogging across the bay, an apologetic look plastered across his features.  
Tenzin:  Cmdr. Teller, sir?  
Geoff turned and looked up as the crewman approached.  The man could've been two full meters tall and seemed to be all arms and legs.  He probably could've stepped over Teller with limited effort.
Teller:  That's me, Chief...Chief...
Tenzin:  Tenzin, sir.  Yoshi Tenzin - just transferred over.  I'm your new deck chief down here, sir.  
Geoff nodded, trying to recall details from one of the mountain of personnel files he'd reviewed in the last few weeks.  
Teller:  From the Indefatigable, right?  Glad to finally meet you.  So what's up, Chief - I assume you didn't just pop over to chat.  
The man looked just the smallest bit uncomfortable.  
Tenzin:  Well sir, a bit of a foul-up.  Commander Brodie is planning to take a runabout down to the surface, and I promised him the Tigris.  Apparently it's his favourite, sir.  
Geoff looked over to the nearly loaded runabout and slowly back to the Chief.  
Teller:  You're kidding?  ::The look on the mans face got a notch more chastised:: You're not kidding.  
Tenzin:  Yeah I'm sorry sir, but I've already got three guys lined up with grav sleds.  You just say the word and we'll get the equipment moved over.  Five minutes and the Ra's yours.  
Geoff considered it, then shrugged.  One runabout was as good as another to him, as long as he got to fly it.  
Teller:  Not a problem, Chief - get started, I'll let the team know.  
With visible relief the man nodded and trotted off, orchestrating his small strike team of cargo loaders and grav sleds.  
Teller:  Sorry about that folks, apparently Counselor Brodie called dibs on the Tigris.  As that is an ancient and powerful tradition among humans, I have chosen to respect his cultural mores.  We are Starfleet, after all.  :: Geoff winked, then leaned against a cargo container::  Ra will be flight-ready in just a few minutes.  Is everybody otherwise good to get going? 
Dar: Good to go Commander.
Sirok/Wilkins: Response
Teller:  Well go now if you have to, we're not turning around once we leave
Dar could only chuckle hearing the Commander sound like a parent embarking on a trip with his Children.  
Sirok/Wilkins:  Response
With a ringing whistle that cut across the din of an active flight deck, Chief Tenzin signalled his men to clear the Ra, the unload and reload completed in record time.  Geoff moved to board the runabout, the rest of the team stepping through the airlock behind him.  
Teller: Hope you folks don't mind if I drive. 
Dar: Knock yourself out Commander.
Dar got herself situated near the rear of the [...]pit. A good position near a console and with a good view out the front view window of the shuttle.
Sirok/Wilkins:  Response
Geoff smiled as he began the prelaunch sequence. This was going to be fun.

Ensign Dar Elandra

Security Officer

USS Thor - NCC 82607






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