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SOS From USS Nimitz Confirmed Borg Attack, Narendra Responds

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ROMULAN NEUTRAL ZONE — An urgent call for help from a Freighter, the ECS Andromeda, hauling much needed medical supplies confirmed Borg presence on a ship called the USS Nimitz. Because of its lack of progress and further sightings of the Borg, Starfleet assumes the group a separated entity from the Collective.

With permission from the Romulans, the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) made its way into the Neutral Zone. Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim sat down with experts on the area, the Borg, and what led the Nimitz into such a horrendous fate. LtCmdr. German Galven and his team worked to counteract the Borg assimilation process, or at least stall it enough to save as many lives as possible, meanwhile LtCmdr. Nijil led the remaining officers to begin the fortifying of the Narendra.

Their arrival was stealthy, and went unnoticed by the Borg, but the assimilation process had already begun. Borg implants emerged as the Nimitz looked consumed and added to itself. Command deployed several away teams with a primary goal to search and rescue as many as they could.

2nd Lieutenant Anthony Meeks led his team of first responders through the unknown corridors of the freighter, searching for survivors, while Marine Captain Luthas guided another team to provide support and a line of defence on the ECS Andromeda. However, the Borg noticed the team’s arrival. Luthas and his team were the first to encounter the Nimitz Borg, and the ship’s commander, Captain Sadger, while Meeks’ team saw to the long task of transporting the injured and assimilated.

Lieutenant Sheila Bailey remained on the shuttle with LtCmdr. Nijil to provide mediation support and issue emergency room level medicine. Her task was to make sure no active Borg arrived on the Narendra. She was now in the opportunity to test the medicine she helped create on their very first patient. The experimental system seemed to subdue and quiet the active nanites, but between her quick thinking — and Ensign Talas Beck’s skilled piloting — the Borg remained at bay and their teams safe so far.

On the Narendra, to better understand and help the Borg, Galven and Ensign Taelon worked diligently to further the reversal process. Previous experience with the Borg coloured the professional response, and undertaking a serious risk, Galven attempted partial assimilation, putting them all in jeopardy.

“It was scary to hear that there was a Borg collective so near us,” explained Crewman Mara sh’Varia on operational bridge relief. “I think we all hope to help them, but also make sure there aren’t any left to stick around. It really is a morally grey area.”

Starfleet Command assures all with active ties to the USS Nimitz that news will be shared as it develops.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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