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MSNPC Renati of Nimitz - Fade to Black

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I have really been enjoying the viewpoints of these poor, assimilated crew, who are empathetic even as they are doing cruel terrible things beyond their control.

((ECS Andromeda – Corridor))


Routing information flowed into his nanite enhanced brain, filling the biological components to their capacity. He knew the Andromeda now, at least the layout of the ship, as well as he knew the Nimitz. All of the information was stored within his memory.


Renati turned down the next corridor he came to, following the internal maps. One turn, then another, and before long he would be where he needed to be to intercept the interferers. Hatred filled his chest with every step. He was beyond assimilation now, and all he wanted to do was destroy them… all of them. His pace quickened, from a jog to then an all out run. It was time for them to be eradicated.


Reaching the end of the corridor, Renati skidded to a stop at the closed doors. The power systems had failed, and the doors refused to slide aside as they should have. He stood momentarily, staring at the doors as if they had intentionally stopped his procession. The cybernetic components in his brain calculated the shear weight of the retaining systems, the weight of the doors, and the force that would be necessary to defeat the barrier. His biological brain, on the other hand, saw the doors through a lens of venomous hate. Then he heard the scream, not from the neural net, but with his ears.


Cautus: No! W…


The sound of his fellow Nimitz-Borg sliced through the air like a hot knife through butter, then came the aloud bang and the voice was cut short. The sound stabbed at his brain, and the anger swelled. They would die… they would all die! Drawing every ounce of strength from the nanite enhanced musculature, Renati drew back and flung himself against the doors. The metal buckled and flew from him as if they were made of nothing. The left door crashed against the wall on opposite the opening, coming to rest on the deck with a crash. Renati did not pause, but allowed his momentum to take him into the hallway.


His eyes caught the sight. Juvantibus and Cautus were on the floor, and the intruders were kneeling over them. Drawing an un-necessary breath, Renati ran toward them. Hate and rage fueled his muscles, driving him faster and faster toward the ones he disposed the most. They would die, and he would be the one to bring them their fate. He expelled a low roar for pursed lips and gritted teeth.


The flashes came in rapid succession, and the impacts were nearly immediate. With each hit, Renati felt the burning increase in his chest. His biological heart exploded, ceasing to pump the needed biological fluids through his body. Still, he drove his legs to propel him forward toward the destruction of those who had interfered with the Nimitz-Borg’s work. He was leaned forward, running full out. Then his body failed. The oxygen deprived muscles could no longer fulfil the demands from his brain, which was beginning to starve from the lack of oxygen itself. His internal organs, what was left of them, failed from the lack of blood.


Inertia propelled him forward, but without the appendages to motor him, his heavier torso carried forward while the lower portion stalled. Quickly, the floor came up to meet his face and he slid to a stop. His ears rang, but the sound slowly faded to a non-existent din. Nanites worked feverishly to repair his systems, but the damage was too great and the destroyed organs too far gone. Like little lights, the nanites blinked out as if a switch had been thrown. The Borg components were gone in an instant.


A second of clarity returned to him. His human brain once again in complete control of his thoughts. He was not Renati… his name was Steve, but his memory contained it all. Everything he had done was there. All of it.


A tear slipped from his remaining eye and down his cheek, and his world faded to black.




Lt. Commander Steven “Renati” Ormsby


U.S.S. Nimitz

As Simmed By:


2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narindra


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