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Two Crews Unite As Jalana Rajel Promoted to Commodore

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ENDAASI — The crews of Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B unite for rest, relaxation, and awards on the Marchlands’ vacation hot spot.

After the arduous court martial of FltCpt. Jalana Rajel, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) received orders to the Marchlands’ vacation planet, Endaasi. Feeling that her crew needed something to help ease their transition back to life as usual, Rajel quickly organized and enacted plans to take the Constitution to Endaasi for a period of rest and relaxation with a twist. The crew were welcome to bring their families to the planet to join them.

As the crew set about planning their time off and inviting their families to join them, one crew member, Cmdr. Alex Blair was contacted by FltCpt. Sal Taybrim of Starbase 118 Ops. Taybrim had heard of the end of Rajel’s trial and their subsequent trip to Endaasi, and after a quick bit of planning, most of the Starbase’s senior staff were joining him in a journey to meet up with the Constitution on the vacation planet.

Upon the Constitution’s arrival at Endaasi, the crew began gathering at the Endaasi Hotel Banquet room for a semi-formal party Rajel had arranged. The two crews quickly mingled and those who already knew one another had the chance to reminisce about old times, before Rajel took to a small dais and began a secretly planned awards ceremony.

The ceremony continued as they typically did for the Constitution’s crew; a handful of promotions and even more awards being presented. At the end, when Rajel was about to step off her stage, a series of holoprojectors activated, surprising nearly everyone in the room, including Rajel. With the emitters activated, a representation of Admiral Heraan, the Director of Logistics for Starfleet Headquarters, came to life.

“I’m here because, following recent events, Starfleet Command has reviewed the entire incident involving the Constitution and the Zeltins.” Heraan, who had visited the Constitution crew during a previous mission, started his presentation with pleasant things to say about the crew. “And has concluded that, given the orders and situation that you found yourselves in, it could not have been handled better. You are all to be commended.”

As Heraan continued, he called Taybrim to the stage to present Rajel with a small box containing a set of pips made of a single pip inside of a box. The admiral then led the crew in a brief celebration of the newly promoted Commodore Rajel before dismissing the assembled crews to enjoy their shore leave.   


Written by Alex Blair

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