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Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo - Badass

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(( Park Control Center - First Aid Room, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System))


Ayiana’s group were raiding a first aid station to mend Bavo’s and Ayiana’s wounds; the former from an exploding control panel, and the latter from punching a dinosaur in the face. If it had been a competition for the most badassery, Ayiana figured she’d won.


Inside the room, they found it a complete mess - broken glass, upturned equipment, spilled medicine bottles - it looked less like it had been ransacked and more like a stampede ran through it. Or a pack of dinosaurs, like the pair of Dilophosaurus eyeing them from across the room. How they got inside the building after evading them at the front door, Ayiana didn’t know, but that point was moot right now. The pair, one of them standing on top of a counter and the other stalking on the ground, eyed the group hungrily.


The group slowly backed away, doing a delicate dance of motion in the room opposite the dinosaurs. They stepped one way; the pair of dinosaurs stepped the other way. The lead Dilophosaur was still on the counter, while its packmate was inching closer. At one point, it stepped into a messy pile of oblong pills scattered on the ground. Ayiana noticed the small feet of the dinosaur momentarily wobble on the uneven and slippery surface. Behind her, Ayiana was bracing against the transparent aluminum of an isolation cell. Quickly, an idea formed. 


Sevo: :: Whispering. :: I have an idea, but you’re not going to like it. We need that one to charge. 


Ayiana pointed at the stalking one and nodded her head back at the isolation room. Subtly, she slowly pulled open the door. With her free hand, she gestured for the group to move farther aside.


Duyzer: Commander?! :: His mouth opened in shock or surprise. ::


Unexpectedly, Duyzer carefully approached Ayiana and slowly crouched down near some equipment. Ayiana shined the flashlight in the eyes of the Dilophosaurus stalking on the ground to get its attention. It [...]ed its head, staring straight at her, with a clear shot across the room between the dinosaur and Ayiana. Glancing at the floor, it was covered in spilled pills and tools. 


M’ira: Whatever you are doing - I hope it works. These animals will tear us apart in seconds if you...


Bavo: Are you even sure that’ll hold them? ::Miri whispered loudly as Sevo was already putting her plan in motion::


Sevo: :: Whispering to Bavo.:: Nope, but it’s worth a shot. :: She turned her attention to the closer dinosaur and yelled. :: Hey, ugly! Over here! :: She waved her arms back and forth furiously. Moments later, the dinosaur screeched and charged. :: oO Oh, this was a bad idea! Oo


Taking the bait, the dinosaur screeched and charged as best it could through the room, but it had trouble slipping and sliding among pills strewn along the floor. Though this was her plan, it terrified Ayiana; she could see the bloodlust in the animal’s eyes as it charged her. She waited until it was close enough, and when it would be moving too fast to regain its balance, she would open the door.


Except that damn Denobulan had other ideas, jumping in front of Ayiana heroically, with a pair of cables in his hands. He quickly touched both ends to the creature, and watched it spasm and lose balance, knocking into Duyzer and both falling to the floor. 


Three people were now on the scoreboard for badassery.


M'ira rushed forward, grabbing Duyzer’s arms to help him get back onto his feet quickly. The partner of the not so lucky creature let out a screech of its own before making its way in their direction quickly.


Sevo: Dammit, Commander! You could have been killed!


Duyzer: I don’t care- we’re gonna run.


Somewhere across the room, the squeak of a cart was heard. Eyeing over, Bavo had pushed it into the hallway to hopefully delay the other dino.


Bavo: M’ira help!


With a push from both women, the cart surged past Ayiana and Duyzer. Bavo quickly took off back towards the entry door, with the rest following; soon back in the empty lobby.


Duyzer: Where do we go?! 


Bavo: Weapons? Control centre command? Back to the petting zoo?


Sevo: Weapons! We can't keep using fists and fire against these things!


M'ira: Weapons! Right! 


The Warden glanced back into the medbay, Ayiana’s eyes following. She could see the unconscious Dilophosaurus still on the ground where Duyzer had shocked it, but the other one was gone - on the prowl. As they wandered down another hallway, Ayiana wondered where it went, only to get a quick answer. It burst out in front of them from a doorway ahead of them. Bavo ran into a nearby doorway, everyone else following. It turned out to be a cafeteria. In fact, there were multiple doors from the hallway leading into it, so they were by no means safe from the dino. Like the medbay before, utensils, food, trays, plates and other accoutrements were scattered everywhere, some meals even half-eaten. It seemed whoever was in here left in a hurry when things went south.


Bavo: Quick hide!


Sevo: Where?!


Duyzer/M’ira: response


In response, Bavo jumped over a countertop and ducked behind it. With a shrug, Ayiana followed. 


Bavo: If we could just figure out a way to…


Bavo suddenly covered her mouth to silence herself. Peering around the edge, Ayiana saw why: the dinosaur burst in and stopped quickly, looking around for its prey. Another had followed it in; whether it was the shocked one from the medbay or yet another of its packmates was impossible to tell.


Duyzer: response


Ayiana glanced at her group and noticed someone missing.


Sevo: Where’s M’ira?!


She peeked back out again and saw the Caitian prone under a table, eyeing them from across the room. Unfortunately, the two Dilophosauruses had moved into the center of the room, right between them and M’ira. She was trapped. Ayiana eyed the Caitian for a moment; she could see a sense of calm and finality in the woman’s eyes. A split second before M’ira stood up, Ayiana tried to yell to stop, but it was too late. M’ira jumped up onto the table she hid under and slammed her hands down hard, the sound echoing around the room. The two dinosaurs quickly turned their heads. 


With a scream louder than Ayiana thought possible from the woman, M’ira roared like a lion at the pair as she took off towards the hallway. Returning the roar, the dinos chased after the warden out of the room and out of sight.


There was a silent pause from the three behind the counter after what they just witnessed.


Sevo: I… :: She was utterly speechless. ::


Bavo/Duyzer: Response


Sevo: Sh-she distracted them for us. You think she’ll get away?


Bavo/Duyzer: Response


Sevo: No, we need to get to either the security unit or command center and get to the bottom of what’s happening, sir. M’ira sacrificed herself so we could continue. Gods willing, she survived.


Bavo/Duyzer: Response


It turned out that Warden M’ira had been the most badass of them all.



Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
Mission Specialist

U.S.S. Gorkon

Image Collective Facilitator

Wiki Ops

Advanced Starship Design Bureau



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