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Lt. JG Kudon - Personalized Goodbyes

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Is it dusty in here?

Fondest of farewells, but not goodbyes @Kudon!  The Resolution is lucky to have you!  We'll see you always around the fleet ❤️


((Kudon's Quarters on Starbase 118))


((OOC: Although I'm transferring to a ship that will be more appropriate for me in terms of the number of posts, I will miss everyone.  I have gotten to know so many of your characters and had so much fun interacting with them.  I hope to do some cross-posting and JP's in the future!  Bye everyone!))



Kudon had packed up all of his belongings, not that he had brought all that much and he lifted up his bag and was about to leave when it occurred to him that he really wanted to do a proper goodbye.  He put his bag back down on the bed and had a seat on the mattress.  He did not have time to go visit everyone he wished to, since he had to get to the USS Resolution soon.  But that did not mean he could not find another way to say farewell.


Kudon: Computer, record private message to deliver to Commander Galven.  Begin recording...


Commander, I wish to thank you for your mentorship of me.  I know you may not have intended to be a mentor, but when we spoke after the mission, you made me feel better about my experience of fear I had during it.  What you said has very much stayed with me and I am realizing that by choosing to have emotions, there are certain things that are just unavoidable.  You gave me the hope that I can handle them.  And come to think of it, I have only been on one away mission so far, making you the only superior officer I have had on one.  I am not one to say much, so I will stop here.  But know that you have my thanks and I was proud to serve under your command on Vankoth II. 


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Lieutenant Casparian. Begin recording...


Romy...as fellow engineers I still wish we had had more time to interact as professionals.  But I am glad we did spend some time together.  It was nice having you over for dinner with a few others.  At least I was able to cook for you.  Good luck dealing with Rusty.  I wish you the best for the future. 


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Commander Deveau. Begin recording...
Alora.  I knew you for a very short amount of time, but it was appreciated.  Our talk on the Holodeck was very helpful for me...helpful for me to think through what it means to be a Vulcan with emotions.  And I enjoyed sharing musical interests.  Take care, Alora.
Kudon: Computer transmit message.
He paused for a moment, thinking about how he felt that he and Alora could have been friends if he were not being transferred.  Part of him wanted to say this, but it did not feel like an appropriate thing to say to a superior officer.  Plus Kudon was just plain shy.
Kudon: Computer, record private message to Commander Hael. Begin recording...
Rusty, what can I say?  You are an...interesting person.  I'm sorry we did not work together too often, since I was away on mission.  But I will remember all the Terran food you exposed me to.  And keep listening to Orion.


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Lieutenant Bailey.  Begin recording...


Lieutenant, I am sending this message to say goodbye to you.  We may not have known each other personally well, but I will always remember our mission together on Vankoth II.  You showed what real bravery was in the way you took charge when Commander Galven was hurt.  And I have wanted to tell you for a long time that I admire how much you persevere through your physical challenges in higher gravity.  You are an inspiration since when many in your situatoin would have given up, your effort never wavers.  I hope the rest of the crew can appreciate that about you.   



Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Captain Taybrim.  Begin recording...


Captain, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve under your command.  Your awarding me the Inspiration Ribbon and promoting me to Lieutenant Junior Grade are among the greatest honors I have ever received.  I do hope our paths cross again and I will be eager to serve under your command again if the circumstances permit.  It has been an honor, sir.


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Ensign Taelon.  Begin recording...


Taelon, I want to tell you that you are a fantastic science officer.  The work you did with the Breathers was of the highest caliber.  You certainly deserve the Innovation Ribbon far more than I did.  I may have tinkered with them, but you created the machines in the first place.  I am sorry we will not be working together anymore.  But know your work is appreciated.


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.  Record private message to Crewman Swenhart.  Begin recording...


Miskre, our last interaction was less than pleasant.  I still do not know why you ran out of my quarters...but since I am leaving I want you to know that it is ok and I am not angry anymore.  I will always remember you as the first person to show me around Main Engineering.  It was an act of kindness that made me feel welcome.


Kudon: Computer, transmit message.


He could have gone on all night, finding things to say to everyone.  Kudon had said enough private goodbyes.  There was just one more for the records.


Kudon: Computer, record message to all senior officers on Starbase 118 Operations.  Begin recording...


To my superiors and those equal in rank, I wish to say a brief thank you and goodbye.  Although my time with Starbase 118 Operations has been rather short, it has been an experience I will always remember and you have all played a significant part in starting my Starfleet career.  I leave having learned more than I have given and it is my sincere wish to take all that I have learned and make the galaxy a better, more humane place.  You all make me proud to be a Starfleet officer.  I certainly hope our paths will cross again.


Kudon: Computer, transmit message and add it to my personal log.


Kudon picked up his bag again walked to the door, and before it could swish open, he turned around to take one last look at his quarters.  He had not spent much time in these quarters, since he had been away on the Narenda for much of his assignment.  Nonetheless, he had started to get used to the idea of them being his home and it felt oddly sad to leave them behind.  Though he was nervous about transferring to the USS Resolution, he felt that in some ways it was not so much goodbye as a calling to a different part of the same Starfleet mission.  And more than anything, it was that mission which he was proud to commit his life to.  Kudon turned around and left his quarters for a bold new adventure. 



Lieutenant JG Kudon
Engineering Officer


Starbase 118 Ops




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