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PNPC Scooter McGee - Can I *Finally* Get a Comment?

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A fun little perspective on the ongoing courtroom drama!

((Starbase 104 - Courtroom))

Along with his quick pit stop for a snack Scooter took a stroll to stretch his legs.  He had been spending so much time recently digging through various files that he had managed to secure (don't ask him how), messaging people involved in the case for more information and comment (with almost zero luck), and writing draft after draft of the story to date.  He needed a little exercise and some time out of that dark FNS writer's room.
His PADD gave a beep letting him know he had an incoming message.  He removed his PADD from his jacket pocket and looked at the message.  The trial was resuming.  He decided that exercise back to the courtroom would have to be enough for today.  He needed to get to the courtroom to hear some of the testimony to see how it connected to his findings so far.
He slipped in quietly while the prosecution was finishing cross examination of one of the witnesses and took a seat in the back row.  The defense attorney rose and addressed the court.
Maddox: I have one more witness; Commander Maxwell Traenor. He has joined the crew in Captain Rajel’s absence and with him, I would like to introduce new evidence. ::looking between Aubrey and Skepus:: Before I proceed. I want it on record that three separate Starbase 104 engineering and science teams have reviewed the findings and concur that they are authentic and accurate.

Scooter sat up a little higher in his chair.  It seemed a little odd to him that the prosecution would provide a preemptive explanation of the evidence they were about to present so he figured this must be something good.  Really good.  Well, depending on your point of view and Scooter's point of the view was whatever story got him the promotion.

Maddox: Here are the original, undoctored orders for the USS Constitution-B’s mission to Zeltin IV. It shows that Captain Rajel was ordered to negotiate trade. Commander Traenor, can you walk us through how you and Ensign Foley uncovered this as well as walk us through the details of the document?

oO Oh this is better than I thought!  Oo

Traenor: The metadata obscuration protocols and packet traffic trace details are appendicized in the presentation to the court. I can elaborate on the technicalities if required, but otherwise will condense our findings. On Stardate 239706.01, on the orders of Commander Maddox and with the authorization of the court, Ensign Chip Foley and I completed a thorough parse of related mission communication logs embedded in the USS Constitution's computer core. File size metadata inconsistencies, elaborated in Appendix I, between Starfleet Command and the Constitution were noted. Following the packet data routing outlined in Appendix II, it was found that the communication files in question were altered on Stardate 239704.26. 
Scooter was a little lost in the technobable jargon that was coming out of the man's mouth but he was putting the basic pieces together.  Someone had altered the orders to frame Fleet Captain Rajel.
Traenor: Despite having a skilled decrypter in Ensign Foley giving me assistance, the terminal point metadata had been expertly obscured. We were able to ascertain that the alteration had occurred from someplace within Starfleet Headquarters, but no further. The instigator of the comm log alterations had sufficiently covered their tracks. That is, except for one small overlooked packet regarding travel distances to Zeltion IV. Once we were able to parse that metadata, it gave us the key to unlock the altered metadata on the rest of the communication logs at question. We were able to not only unlock the original orders as they were received, but were able to pinpoint the terminal responsible for the alterations, and narrow it all down to one individual, thanks to that one overlooked message.

Skepus: Your Honor, I–  … This is highly irregular!

Scooter was shocked.  This was not the reaction that you would expect from a JAG officer, and a Vulcan one at that.  The prosecution's case was quickly falling apart.

Aubrey/Any: response

Maddox: And with whom did this document originate? How high up the chain of command are they?

Traenor: The key document, which allowed us to verify the alterations of all other listed comm documents, originated from the terminal of Lieutenant Dolen, personal adjunct of Admiral Fraser. You will find their dossiers and their personal and professional links to the Zeltion IV mission in Appendix III.

Maddox: Please keep in mind the three independent teams reviewed this prior to my submission into evidence.

Scooter couldn't believe his ears and from the sounds of the courtroom either could anyone else in the room.  Did he just hear what he thought he heard?  The office of Admiral Faser had given the original orders and changed them when things went south to save face as he set off into the sunset years of his life?  Scooter thought he had a heck of a story when this was about Fleet Captain Rajel but the REAL story trumped that by quite a bit.

Aubrey: response

Maddox: ::bowing her head::Thank you Commander Traenor. I have no further questions.

Skepus: Your Honor, in light of recent evidence, I withdraw my case. :: To Aria, cooly :: Perhaps we will resume this at a later date.
Boom.  And there it was.  The case against Fleet Captain Rajel was over and Scooter was sure the case against Admiral Fraser was just starting.  He was hoping for a little downtime after writing this story but it was about to get even better.

Aubrey/Rajel: response
The room was more than a little chaotic at the moment.  People were standing.  Some were hugging.  The room was buzzing with various conversations.  Skepus was obviously frustrated and doing his Vulcan best not to let his emotions get the better of him but anyone watching him didn't need to guess at the inner turmoil he was going through.
Scooter wanted a comment and did his best to make his way through the crowd of people.
McGee: Excuse me.  Excuse me!
He continued to gently push his way through as he made his way to Maddox and Rajel.  The two were understanbly surrounded by people to whom this case was very personal.
McGee: Well let me be one of the first to congratulate you both on the outcome of the case.
Maddox/Rajel: ?
McGee: Scooter McGee.  Reporter with Federation News Service.  I've been covering the case but nobody really wanted to talk on the record while the trial was still underway.  Now that the trial is over can I *finally* get a comment before we all turn our attention to Admiral Fraser?
Maddox/Rajel: ?
McGee: Your crew seems very devoted to you as shown by their commitment to helping prove your innocence.  And I must say I am extremely impressed by their skill and resourcefulness.  You are lucky to have them.
Maddox/Rajel/Any: ?
PNPC Scooter McGee
Reporter, Federation News Service
as simmed by

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Horne

USS Constitution-B
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