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Starbase 118 Ops Begins To Take Measures Against The Elitist Cult Of Molor On A Daring Rescue Mission

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AZURE NEBULA, VANKOTH II — The USS Narendra (NCC-26595) set out for the crew’s first offensive move against the Cult of Molor while also attempting a daring rescue mission.

The crew of Starbase 118 Ops wrapped up their much-needed shore leave on a high note with one last grand social gathering. FltCapt. Captain Taybrim had the honours of offering his crew many well-deserved ribbons and new department responsibilities, including Lieutenant JG Shiela Bailey, who is appointed assistant chief medical officer.

Though the celebration was fun and light-hearted, each member of the staff knew what awaited them the following days. For all their information gathering and ally-forming days were to be put to use against the Cult of Molor – a continued disruptive presence within the region.

The Narendra set sail after a short briefing with few hours to spare. A Klingon High Councilman informed Taybrim of a ship and crew recently reported missing. As information escalated, the crew were also informed that a location in question – the Azure Nebula – had reports of suspicious activities that coincide with Cult movement and the supposed shipment location for chemicals needed to fabricate “Death Fog”.

Divided up into three teams, the crew set out to make the most of their first true offensive strike. The Nebula is home to a planet called Vankoth II, where the captured Klingon ship and its crew are believed to be held alongside a large stockpile of “Death Fog”. There was an old Klingon base still planetside, which was likely being used by the cult. The Nebula provided them with ample cover but also limited sensors and reacting abilities themselves.

LtCmdr. German Galven led the scientist team, tasked with the responsibility of destroying the “Death Fog” gasses and rendering the facility useless for future manufacturing. Thanks to recently re-enlisted Ens. Taelon and his robotic breathers, the team stood a good chance to contain all the deadly fumes, meaning the team would also be safe from accidental — or intentional — exposure.

LtCmdrs. Nijil and Solaris McLaren led the rescue side of the mission. Their focus was to save the captured Klingon crew. Though additional intel seemed to come naturally for the duo — as one of them is the department head of Intelligence — the rest of their team was more than willing to put in the extra effort.

Meanwhile, Taybrim held back on the Narendra, ready to provide aerial support and an emergency rescue if needed.

Upon their arrival to Vankoth II, the two away teams prepped and boarded a Klingon shuttle the IKS Loq’nom, manned by Lt. JG Zel. It was the quickest and most undetected ship they could find to get both away teams on the planet’s surface. The not so young pilot managed to do just that, hiding from sensor sweeps with seconds to spare while getting both teams beamed down. From there it would be up the crew, however, to get inside the base. And, more importantly, out.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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