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Fleet Captain Arrested While Disembarking USS Constitution-B

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STARBASE 104 — As she disembarks the Constitution for leave on the Starbase, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested leaving the crew scrambling for answers.

After wrapping up a harrowing mission to the mining city of Xatrac the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) returned to its homeport, Starbase 104. As the ship docked, the crew went about the usual shore leave routine. Wrapping up mission reports, meeting up at the ship’s lounge and making plans to meet on the station. All of it typical for any crew coming into port after a difficult mission.

Unfortunately for the crew, specifically one crewmember, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel, things took a very different route. As Rajel pushed her way through a crowd at one of the Constitution’s docking ports, she was stopped by station’s security and arrested. As the guards escorted Rajel away, she managed to tell her Flag Lieutenant to inform the crew of what had happened.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, the way those guards approached the Captain… it’s like they didn’t even have respect for her at all!” Exclaimed one Ensign, present in the docking port at the time. “I’ve never seen a commanding officer treated so poorly before, especially in front of their crew.”

Once word got to the first officer, Cmdr. Alex Blair immediately began to take action and ask questions. After tasking Lt JG Lystra with contacting the station to figure out what was happening, Blair called the ship’s doctor to the ready room for a quick meeting. Once LtCmdr. Edward Spears arrived, Blair took his first action as Acting-Commanding Officer and promoted Spears to the role of Second Officer.

After hearing from Lystra that both the Starbase and Starfleet Command refused to share any information about why Rajel had been arrested, they made plans to head to the Starbase’s JAG offices to get answers.


Written by Alex Blair

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