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Eagle Crew Transitions To New Starship In Wake Of Unusual Rescue Mission

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RINGWORLD, AAVARO WILDS — After a difficult and somewhat unorthodox mission to repair the structure known as Ringworld, the starship Eagle has been decommissioned.

Efforts to repair the enormous Nivian Ring were complicated by an array of unusual and remarkable occurrences, culminating in the realization that Starfleet vessels had been in the area before. A disguised first contact exploration team beamed to the surface quickly discovered the remains of an Oberth class ship, which had been converted into a temple or holy ground by the nearby inhabitants. Power signatures from within the temple began to disrupt the entire habitable section of the Ring, leading to ground tremors that caused considerable damage to the Ring itself, and its inhabitants.

Fortunately, however, repairs were completed as suggested by the Eagle’s chief science officer, Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins, and the away team was able to secure the area while reducing the unnecessary loss of life.

Data taken from the tricorders of the away team and the sensors of the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) is still under investigation. In light of these events, Rear Admiral Mary Christopher of Starfleet Command has proposed an investigation into the incident.

“While the command staff of the Eagle has Starfleet’s full support, discrepancies in the conduct of certain officers is concerning. I hope to commission a board of inquiry regarding this matter so that the full picture may be presented.”

Amidst efforts to repair the native inhabitants’ village and rescue its people without the use of modern medical or mechanical equipment, the newly commissioned Federation starship USS Juneau (NX-99801), under the provisional command of Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti, set a course for the Nivian Ring to meet with the Eagle.

The Eagle’s captain, senior staff and crew will move to the Regent-class Juneau and will be supplemented by nearly six hundred other crew members. Now entering a period of rest and reorganization, the new crew of the Juneau is looking forward to a camping trip on Ringworld and an awards ceremony.

Written by Randal Shayne

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