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Federation Secretary Of The Exterior Ventu Heads To The Shoals To Assist Troubled Colony

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PARIS, EARTH — As tensions continue to build between the Romulan refugee population on Ketar V and the native colonists, Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu announced this morning that she will head to the colony to mediate talks and devise a plan forward.

After the first Romulan and Reman refugees were settled on Ketar V in the Shoals in 2388 following the Hobus supernova that destroyed their homeworlds, there has been increasing friction between the original colonial population and the planet’s newest residents. Although initially welcomed in the disaster’s wake, the cultural differences between the two communities have proven to be far greater than initially assessed.

“Look, I don’t have any problem with a Romulan, a Reman, or whatever,” said Toyama Shunji, a shipyard worker whose family first moved to the colony two hundred years ago. “But the refugees have not tried to integrate into our society. Not from where I see it.”

Those among the refugees argue that the colonial government has not paid enough attention to the various issues affecting the growing Romulan and Reman population. After several years without direct representation, Representative Tessara made history when elected as the first Romulan to the government assembly last year.

While in the Shoals, the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) — Starfleet’s major presence in the region — will provide security and transport for Secretary Ventu. Under the command of Captain Roshanara Rahman, the crew of the USS Veritas have been enjoying shore leave while in orbit of Ketar after their last mission took them into a deadly subspace void that necessitated major repairs to the ship. Two special guests visited the ship, Rivi Vataix of the Eleventh House of Betazed and Franz Teller, a survivor from the SS Iberia rescued from the void. Mr. Teller is also the father of Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller, the chief engineer of the USS Veritas.

“The discovery of the Iberia opened a lot of old wounds for me, but discovering my father among the survivors did a great deal to heal them,” said Lt. Cmdr. Teller. “Life in Starfleet has given me a rare second chance with him, and I look forward to renewing our relationship as he charts a new path forward for himself. Whatever happens, my life is immeasurably enriched and I thank Starfleet for helping me arrange this miraculous reunion.”

Meanwhile, first officer Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake is scheduled for a medical procedure, although the exact nature of her condition is not disclosed. A visiting Starfleet physician, Dr. Tenzin Zhou, has arrived from Betazed to assist assistant chief medical officer Dr. Addison MacKenzie and her team. Other Veritas crew enjoyed dining at local establishments such as the Welder’s Diner, and the ship welcomed several new officers such as Lt. Cmdr. Zaaia Leix, Lt. Ceciri Ariadust, and Ensign Chase Masters along with the return of Lt. G’var. 


Written by Roshanara Rahman

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