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USS Eagle Mourns Dead, Recognizes Courage During Shore Leave

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STARBASE 821 – Following the exhausting pursuit and conflict with a violent Pah-Wraith cult, the Federation starship Eagle (NCC-74659) proceeded to her home port, having suffered many casualties.

Shore leave ordered as soon as the Eagle arrived, many of the crew immediately dived into leisure activities, enjoying the many amenities offered. Others elected to stay aboard the Eagle herself.

It is unfortunate, but necessary, to note that several individuals stayed aboard to arrange the affairs of those killed in action during the events of the previous days and weeks. In particular, losing Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova proved to be a considerable blow to the morale of the ship. That said, they made valiant efforts to regain the sense of spirit aboard the Eagle.

“Gotta keep smiling. I hate it, but there’s nothing like it,” confided Crewman Damer Larihn. “Seems like she would have wanted it”.

Despite these losses, they held a celebration near the end of shore leave to recognise the efforts of the crew during the trying mission. Besides welcoming aboard three new crew members — Ensign Artinus Serinus, Ensign Karen Strong and Lieutenant Ryan Horn — awards for various acts of courage and valour handed out, milestones recognised and ribbons designed to honour scholastic and scientific achievement awarded.

“I serve with the finest crew in the fleet, and it is my great pleasure to preside over days such as these,’ said Captain Oddas Aria by starting the presentation, before proceeding to approach more solemn topics. These included posthumously awarding the Federation Cross to Pavlova for her heroic actions in the defence of her ship and her shipmates.

The Eagle will conclude its shore leave and reports indicate that the next assignment will involve the transportation of bio-neural gel packs to the first Federation colony established in the Aavaro Wilds. 


Written by Randal Shayne

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