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USS Veritas Crew Assists in Apprehending Alleged Murderer

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KETAR V, THE SHOALS — The crew of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) has assisted Colonial Coalition Marshals Service (CCMS) officers in arresting Rama Suttirat, who now faces charges for premeditated murder.

Suttirat, a dockworker at the Livernois Shipyards, allegedly murdered a Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Commander Armin Illanos, and attempted to frame a fellow dockworker, a Romulan known as Lukaik, for the crime. His arrest by CCMS officers served as a catalyst that accelerated tensions between the colonists and the large number of Romulan refugees who have made Ketar V their home in the years since the Hobus supernova. Lukaik later committed suicide while in custody.

These exacerbated tensions resulted in several incidents across the planet; most notably, in the botched CCMS raid on a tenement building located in a section Centennial City unofficially known as “Romulan Town.” CCMS officers launched the raid at night, apparently to crack down on a recent influx of felicium, an illegal narcotic, that CCMS believed was being distributed by someone in the building. When officers arrived, however, an explosion in the building started a rapidly spreading fire.

Without adequate fire suppression systems, the fire burned out of control for at least fifteen minutes while CCMS officers attempted to gain control of the situation. An emergency response team from the USS Veritas assisted with the evacuation of the building, while the Veritas itself was able to extinguish the fire. At least six people were killed in the fire, and dozens more were treated for related injuries.

Multiple investigations have been launched into CCMS’s conduct during the investigation and subsequent raid. Multiple CCMS officials, including Chief Marshal Trent Jennings, have been placed on leave pending the results of these investigations. Meanwhile, Suttirat’s arrest has helped to quell some of the unrest on Ketar V; however, tensions remain high.

“We are all thankful for Starfleet’s assistance, both in investigating the matter of Commander Illanos’ death and in helping to save lives during the unfortunate event in Centennial City,” said Tyson Stroud, press secretary for the office of Ketar V’s prime minister. “Our justice officials have assured the prime minister that all responsible parties, including Mr Suttirat, will be prosecuted to the maximum extent the law allows.”


Written by Evan Delano

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