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USS Atlantis Crew Restores Deep Space 26 to Normal Space

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PAR’THA EXPANSE – The crew of the USS Atlantis has succeeded in returning Deep Space 26 back to normal space, following its entrance into subspace.

With the loss of Deep Space 26, the USS Atlantis had lost its base of operations in the Par’Tha Expanse. In order to find answers on how the station vanished into subspace and how it could be returned to normal space, Captain Brell dispatched several away teams throughout the area. With the discovery of additional Chon Outposts right after DeepSpace 26’s disappearance, the crew had several new leads to solutions.

The captain and first officer, along with several of the crew, left for the Chon outpost that was discovered approximately one year ago. They had with them former Lieutenant Darkkdust, who was joined with the Kiax symbiont from Trill. This was a welcome addition to the away team, as it provided them with several lifetimes worth of knowledge on a wide range of topics and disciplines.

“There are rumours going around about some seriously eerie stuff”, Petty Officer Bisk stated after being asked about his impressions on the current situation.

Meanwhile, a second team under the command of Lieutenant Hyden dealt with a new artificial lifeform called Omni. It was difficult to make it aware of Starfleet intentions but after considerable effort, the life form was finally willing to cooperate with the mission to find the missing outpost.

The third team, under the command of Marine officer Kurt Logan, became trapped in a game world used by the Chon. The game organiser, also of AI origin, developed several quests for Logan and his team. Some of them included life-threatening situations. With no one left in the Chon Empire to watch the games, they were eventually stopped but not after traumatizing several Starfleet officers.

With everyone eventually safely back on Atlantis, the crew was awarded several ribbons for their outstanding work. The last part of the ceremony was saved for departing Captain Brell who will be missed deeply by the Atlantis crew. His successor, Commander Thoran, has already informed the staff that changes will be implemented as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption to the crew, who are eager to get to know him and his command style.

Written by Alexander Williams

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