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Astraeus crew investigates fresh Bajor allegations against Cardassia

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BAJOR — After an uneventful journey, the crew of the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652) arrived at Bajor, welcomed aboard Bajoran minister Dalen Martov and prepared for a Cardassian emissary.

After meeting with the Bajoran minister, the Astraeus crew received news that they would be receiving a Cardassian emissary upon arrival at Cardassia Prime. With tensions high between the two groups, Mei’konda met with Shin regarding security arrangements.

“Knowing what we do about Bajoran/Cardassian relations, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect,” security crewman Palea Brazel stated. “There can always be curveballs, but we have a tight-knit team. We can handle it.”

However, the Astraeus crew soon found themselves de-toured by a hail from Bajoran captain Cusan Enel, claiming he was being held prisoner in a camp. Hamasaki was able to pinpoint coordinates and Mei’konda ordered a course change to intercept.

Meanwhile, Commander Tal Tel-ar was detained by Federation ambassador Mali Deeye after engaging in an unauthorized investigation into the disappearance of Federation personnel looking into Bajor’s allegations. He has been charged with the murder of six Cardassians involved with the Occupation of Bajor. It’s expected that he will be extradited as soon as possible.

When asked if Commander Tel-ar will face a court-martial upon his return, Starfleet officials simply replied, “No comment.”

Written by Lael Rosek

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