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Gorkon Infiltration of Pirate Asteroid Nassau Continues

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NASSAU, MA NO UMI — The infiltration of the known Orion Syndicate asteroid Nassau continues while the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) parlays the resolute surrender of the Labyrinth’s Scream.

Deep inside the asteroid’s multiple districts, the teams continue to work toward their mission goals. Hampered by the effects of the plasma storms within the region, information feeding back from the surface of the asteroid is limited, infrequent and unreliable.

It is believed that contact has been made with the Syndicate agent known as “Blackbird”, and the focus is now to begin the extraction process with swift efficiency. Cursery reports indicated that a bar brawl had occurred inside the district, and escalated to the point of sending in the local authorities to quell the fight. Those inside the Western Inn have claimed that a Captain Marisol of the BoneShaker appeared with her crew in tow, one of whom began the battle in the early hours.

“If I ever see that Denobulan again, I’ll rip him to shreds!” One Nausicaan pirate — sporting a neon pink mohawk — commented, following his arrest on the scene. “You hear me, Denobulan? I’m coming for you!”

Within the club Vortex, the undercover operation conducted by [REDACTED] is underway. While sources on the ground are scarce and information is limited, it is believed that two of the officers accompanying the team — [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] — have managed to penetrate through the armed guard to Leelou’s sanctum. Reports indicate that [REDACTED] was last seen to be utilising a kind of canister weapon to create a diversion.

When reports of another team making their way into the administration district were heard on the grapevine, the claims were dismissed by the local business owner and proprietor of Ugami’s — the famous eatery and tea house — frequented by notable individuals.

“I have encountered no one bearing the description of which you speak,” responded Volku, tending to his lunch. “You are searching for brushstrokes on blank sheets, my friend. Would you care for some tea?”

Rumours indicate that the USS Gorkon has encountered an Orion Syndicate vessel the Labyrinth’s Scream within the confines of the Kamarov Corridor. While their sensors are confounded by the environmental plasma storms, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Captain Thertas are believed to be parlaying the surrender of the Labyrinth’s Scream and negotiations are not progressing well. pqtfUxgCZvdZ_cONNyZDz89UEw1w0RnYM9vZCW3h


Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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