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USS Eagle Crew Enjoys Shore Leave, Promotion Of Officers

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STARBASE 281 – In the aftermath of the disastrous first contact with the social group known as The People, the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) returned to Starbase 281 for a much-needed period of shore leave.

Despite, or indeed because of, the dangerous and stressful conditions of their previous engagement, most of the crew were especially receptive to the downtime. Some of the staff elected to return home, such as Commander Oddas Aria, who visited her world of Bajor to participate in a lightship race. Others chose to investigate the amenities offered by Starbase 281. The rest (primarily engineering staff) remained aboard the Eagle to conduct relevant repairs, but mainly to assist in the installation of a prototype Warp XV core, a process primarily executed by members of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau.

“I love having these guys around — they really know their stuff!” Petty Officer C’Nuris gushed, before turning away and rolling his eyes toward the ceiling.

Though still in the experimental stages, the Warp XV engine is expected to surpass the current capabilities of the standard Class 9 core the Eagle was commissioned with by several orders of magnitude.

Meanwhile, as shore leave concluded, the senior staff gathered in one of the Eagle’s holodecks for a celebration and promotion ceremony. Several members of the Admiralty were also in attendance, made possible through two-way holographic synchronicity. After crews were introduced to one another, the primary festivities began with the promotion of Aria to the rank of Captain. Other members of the crew were called forward in quick succession, leading to the promotion of three officers to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. A variety of ribbons were dispensed as appropriate.

The Eagle is scheduled to depart Starbase 281 within the next few days and will be on manoeuvres for the foreseeable future, testing the practicality of the new core.


Written by Randal Shayne

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