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Need even more inspiration for writing award nominations? Check these out!

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How can you maximise the number of award winners on your ship? Simple! There is a strong correlation between the number of award nominations a ship makes, and the number of award winners. But writing nominations can be daunting, especially if this is your first awards year, or you’re new to the fleet.

Never fear, we have collated a selection of nominations from previous years to help provide you with some inspiration.

If after reading the below nominations you need more inspiration, you can find even more nominations by following this link.

Ready to get started? Click here to open the award nomination panel. You’ll find full instructions, including a link to a list of all the awards and their descriptions.

Semper Fidelis Award Nomination for Kurt Logan

Oorah! A sound often heard on any vessel fortunate enough to have these hard as nails men and women serving aboard it. It’s ironic perhaps that green denotes their department as it’s a hue often associated with life. Even though those wearing it are oft called upon to take lives in the protection of others. Some may view them as trigger happy grunts, but the truth could be farther from it. A good day in the corps is one you never have to fire your weapon. But when you do, you do so to ensure that your fellow crew don’t have to. Take the fight hard to the enemy, end the battle quick and clean so peace may prevail sooner than later. Lessen the loss of life. See the mission through. Though those in Security are also protectors, its the Marines who know more than anyone of why they have to fight. And if there’s a Marine who more selflessly puts others above himself it’s Kurt Logan. A Marine with a sly wit and silvered tongue, there’s few better to have watching your six. Especially when he’s the first one to put himself to the hazard to ensure the mission and his crew make it through.

Luminary Award Nomination for Delan Han

Delan Han has been with us for a short time but has already begun making an indelible mark on the group.  Not only has he been participating more than full time, he has done so by creating more than one believable character helping fill out needed holes.Han has not been shy about helping out on the wiki.  He has helped update information on the Embassy ranging from the Science departments to information on the ships of the fleet and, more recently, beginning to contribute ideas on Trill. Han has also begun the process of taking on mentoring and staff responsibilities and has been excelling at it. Han will go far in the organization, enriching it and making us all better.

Sarek Star Nomination for Jalana Rajel

Everyone is different. Everyone has their own needs and struggles and have their own ways. It can be daunting to manage through, teetering on the line of making sure everyone is happy and having fun, and assuring people don’t clash and get out of hand. And anyone who’s dealt with difficult people knows how hard it can be to keep their cool. Let me tell you, the writer behind Captain Jalana Rajel – Jessica- makes it look easy. She doesn’t just stay cool under pressure. She takes control of any situation and uses it to teach and offer new ideas and new perspectives. A great tool for a leader in a group of differences uniting under a common interest. She takes interacting with people to a whole new level. Not only to settle any complications that might arise. But offering everyone something to contribute. She looks for opportunities to make everyone feel special, useful and most importantly appreciated.

Silver Palm Nomination for Kelrod

Sergio, Kelrod’s writer, is an active member of the crew when it comes to OOC interactions, always serving as a “cheerleader” of sorts for the crew’s efforts, and he’s quick to encourage others to partake in various fleet activities or recognize the achievements of others. Within his own simming, he makes an effort to make others feel a part of the crew, taking that extra time to tag others in quiet, intimate scenes of coworkers sharing conversation after a mission or when helping his mentees see through their own character arcs.

Voyager Medallion Nomination for Randal Shayne

Operations might be considered one of the “duller” duty posts, missing out the action and adventure of security, the wonder and exploration of science, or the frustrations of engineering. Regardless, it is one of the most vital. It is the Operations officers who keep the ship running behind the scenes, ensuring the ship is fully stocked, managing schedules and crew rosters, allowing the rest of the crew to focus on their duties. Quinn (Randal Shayne) is one of the most talented writers I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. Each of his sims is expertly crafted and incredibly enjoyable (I almost want to submit each one to the Appreciations thread on the forums) and can make even the most mundane of tasks, such as scheduling repairs with a stations engineer a joy to read. Not content at being an excellent writer, but he also sprinkles his own near encyclopedic knowledge of Trek into sims, giving them a realistic vibrancy rarely seen.

Quark’s Bar Nomination for Attikus Rundstrom

Attikus Rundstrom – you might know her better as Rustyy Hael or Noelle, is an amazingly creative and energetic simmer, staff member and contributor to StarBase 118.  This really shows in her commitment to the forums. She encourages fellow members to use the Species Guild form, sparks quality discussion in the public group topics and is a tireless cheerleader for Ops to get active on the forums.  She creates quality topics, encourages people to post and stays positive throughout all of it. I think she’s a great person to honor with this recognition for all her excitement, energy and support.

Christopher Pike Pendant Nomination for Roshanara Rahman

Roshanara Rahman, or Rich, is a wonderful example of what we as a fleet could hope to see in each of our Commanding Officers. I have been with the fleet for more than five years now, and have served on the Veritas with Rich for about one year. In that time I feel that I have learned from Rich so many good aspects of what a captain can and should be that I hope to carry forward with me if/when I move forward in my own progression within the fleet. Rich has established a great system of on-boarding for the Veritas that fosters a very welcoming environment for all new arrivals. Which has led to a very low turnover rate for the ship. He has also established a great mentoring system not only for the crew at large, but for the staff as well. Rich truly cares for his people and wants to see all of us succeed in out goals. He has shown this by emailing everyone on a regular basis to check-in and offer feedback on how to progress towards our personal goal. The success of this can easily be measured by the recent promotion of our First Officer, Mei’konda, to Commander and the fact that our next mission will serve as a practical exam for our Second Officer, Evan Delano. All this effort that Rich puts forth pays off immensely.  Seeing the care and support that comes from Rich encourages each member of our crew to push ourselves further. Because of the environment Rich has created, each member strives to make the Veritas the best it can possibly be.

Khan Award Nomination for Ayiana Sevo

A very skilled writer, this year Ayiana Sevo seized on the opportunity of the Orion Syndicate attacking a starbase which the crew was investigating to create an Orion crime lord named Leelou. Instead of being portraying a mindless thug or a character that was comically violent character Ayiana simmed Leelou as a smart tactical villain who would use as much or as little violence necessary to meet her goals. At one point the character gave a very refreshing ultimatum, “Give me what I want and I will leave you alone, no one needs to get hurt.” This was followed in a later sim by her gassing a group of PNCPs to the point of unconsciousness before allowing them to breathe to prove that she could be violent and reasonable if her demands were meet. And while Leelou was impressed after that the starbase mission, she has since escaped and will no doubt cross paths with the Gorkon crew in the future.

Click here to start your award nominations now! Nominations close on Monday, June 10 at 11:45pm Pacific time.

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