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USS Veritas investigates missing Tholian fleet in Menthar Corridor

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GAMMA CAMELOPARDALIS SYSTEM — In the aftermath of the destruction of Astrofori One, Starfleet has sent the USS Veritas to investigate the sudden disappearance of a large Tholian fleet.

Since Astrofori One’s destruction last year, a large fleet of Tholian ships had remained in the Gamma Camelopardalis system in a tense standoff with Starfleet’s own Task Force 105. However, the Vesta-class USS Endurance suddenly lost sensor contact with all Tholian ships, and a field of tetryon radiation has enveloped the system, preventing further scans or the largest vessels of Task Force 105 like the Endurance from entering.

As such, Starfleet has sent the USS Veritas along with an escort from Task Force 105, the Steamrunner-class USS Solaris, to the Menthar Corridor to investigate the matter further. The USS Veritas had just finished repairs and refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars, and its crew is highly experienced with tetryon fields thanks to their long service in the Shoals, a region infamous for them.

“We have full confidence in Captain Rahman and her crew to get to the bottom of this,” said Rear Admiral Joseph Washington, head of Starfleet operations for the Tholian region. “If this is some sort of new Tholian weapon’s test, we will respond. I remind everyone that the Federation Diplomatic Corps continues to reach out to the Tholian Assembly with no response.”

Since their strike at Astrofori One, the Tholians have stopped short of continuing onto attack other Federation installations or colonies, although many are worried that the Tholians may begin annexing other systems close to their territory.

Written by Roshanara Rahman

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