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USS Constitution arrives at Gamma Orionis to begin resupply effort

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GAMMA ORIONIS – The USS Constitution has been tasked with restocking and helping repair a very remote and inaccessible scientific outpost.

Due to the unique characteristics of Gamma Orionis, the crew was unable to use conventional means to approach the outpost. The only option they had available was to use Argo buggies that had been modified for the mission. Mandatory holodeck refresher training in the vehicles took place during transit to the planet, to be prepared for their arrival.

“Each Argo will have supplies with them, that need to remain intact,” explained Rajel, as she briefed the crew before departure. “They are loaded in suspended cargo pods, that we will have to attach to the buggies once we arrive. That will make it a bit more difficult to drive, so be careful.”

Gathering their supplies, including the mandatory wear of Starfleet issue desert uniforms, the crew split into teams and the senior staff boarded Argo shuttles, departing for the planet.

Once on the surface, the teams found a mostly desert landscape which was relatively easy to traverse. However, soon after their arrival, things began to change.

Their seemingly easy journey through the desert soon turned dangerous, as some natives of Gamma Orionis revealed themselves. The crew was soon inundated by a swarm of insects, which attracted more creatures, large lizards which dined on the insects. Quick thinking from Rajel and Lt JG Lystra released the crew from their precarious position caught within the ecosystem’s natural balance, and the Argo teams were soon back on track in getting to the outpost.

As the teams ascended a mountain to reach the outpost, they discovered the outpost to be in much worse condition than they had been briefed on. After a quick decision from the captain, the Argo teams branched off to various parts of the compound to begin assessing the situation and affecting the resupply and repair mission.

Written by Alex Blair

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