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USS Montreal battles pirates and rescues survivors of missing cargo vessel

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THOLIAN TERRITORY — Investigating the disappearance of a missing Starfleet cargo vessel, the USS Montreal went deep into the heart of Tholian territory and rescued the survivors who had been captured by pirates.

While on a joint mission with the USS Veritas to locate the missing cargo vessel USS Artemis, the USS Montreal (NCC-64927), under Commander Mei’konda, was soon diverted to recover cargo that had been stolen from the Artemis after the USS Veritas discovered signs the vessel had already been picked clean by pirates. The Montreal crew tracked the pirates and the missing cargo vessel’s crew to a planet, and a rescue team consisting of senior officers Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek, Commander Tal Tel-ar, Lieutenant Femi Cattan, Lieutenant Junior Grade German Galven, and Ensign Jacob Harkrow was transported to the surface.

Once on the surface, the rescue team quickly found itself under fire, further complicating an already dangerous situation. All parties fought valiantly, including Lieutenant Junior Grade Kawakame Shin who fired the shots from orbit that disabled a large portion of the pirates.

Warvan, a member of the pirate faction, attempted to blackmail Commander Mei’konda into allowing the pirates to go free in exchange for the lives of the cargo vessel’s crew, but the attempt failed, thanks to the Montreal bridge crew’s efforts to deactivate the forcefield erected to prevent the beam-out of the Artemis crew and to Commander Tal Tel-ar for successfully subduing Warvan.

“The way the rescue team took down the pirates was impressive,” one of the rescued Artemis crewmen, Eliza Briggs, commented. “With so many of our people seriously injured, we wouldn’t have been able to fight our way out.”

Other Artemis crewmembers expressed their gratitude, with many stating they “owe the Montreal crew [their] lives”.

Commander Mei’konda later recognized both the rescue team and the crew aboard the Montreal for their efforts in successfully retrieving the Artemis crew. All senior officers received the Operation Safe Harbor Medal for their efforts in stopping a pirate faction as well as the Maiden Voyage Ribbon for their participation in the Montreal’s first mission under a new commanding officer. Other notable awards presented were the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, and the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon.

Jacob Harkrow and German Galven received promotions to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and Lieutenant, respectively. In addition to his promotion, Galven was officially named Chief Science Officer with all the responsibilities thereof.

Written by Lael Rosek

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