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USS Gorkon battles Andorian pirates

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SIKUNA SYSTEM – While engaged in a diplomatic and medical relief mission, the USS Gorkon battled Andorian pirates to stop the theft of an experimental Romulan warbird.

The USS Gorkon’s visit to the Romulan Republic colony of Sikuna concluded in a dramatic fashion, with the Sovereign-class starship engaging in a pitched battle against multiple Andorian vessels. The Andorians were attempting to steal a Valdore-class warbird allegedly filled with experimental technology, which had been concealed in a hanger beneath the planet’s surface for an unknown period of time. It is believed that a team from the Gorkon were aboard the warbird when it took flight, wresting control of the vessel from the pirates and aiding the Gorkon in the orbital battle. Reports indicate that the warbird itself was lost in the battle, deliberately destroyed by the Starfleet team in order to end the conflict.

Meanwhile on the planet, Starfleet teams offered medical support to injured and ailing colonists. A cure was found for the illness ravaging the settlement of Ih’aesn, and was distributed through the colony’s water supply to ensure full coverage of the treatment. The Starfleet doctor who was also infected is believed to have made a full recovery. In the colony’s central administration centre, the ship’s first officer safely delivered the child of a local resident, while emergency treatment was provided by the rest of the team to an assault victim.

“The medical assistance provided by Starfleet was invaluable, and we thank them for saving the life of one of our own, as well as bringing a new baby into the world,” Governor Khaveid ir’Dinalla tr’Valai​ said, as part of a statement to the media. “Sadly, due to the criminal actions of pirates, the colony’s verteron array was destroyed, but we look forward to rebuilding and resuming our scientific alliance with the Federation, stronger than before.”

With their diplomatic and relief mission concluded, the Gorkon was tasked with transporting a group of Tyrellian scientists to a conference on Trill. Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds used the opportunity to dock the vessel for minor repairs and grant her crew shore leave. Members of the crew have been seen exploring Trill’s vibrant cities, sampling local cuisine and enjoying the culture and history of the planet.

Written by Quinn Reynolds

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