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Hijacked Starfleet prototype starship destroyed, Starfleet officer arrested for treason

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MARCHLANDS – A hijacked Starfleet prototype vessel has been destroyed to keep it out of pirates’ hands.

An infiltration team consisting of senior members of the crew of the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, faced off against not one, but two bands of Klingon pirates in an attempt to retrieve the hijacked Starfleet testbed vessel USS Geneva. Caught in the midst of a blood feud between the original pirate band led by Klix Vraj and her father and sworn enemy General G’gur, Captain Jalana Rajel and the rest of the infiltration team were quickly overwhelmed and cornered, resulting in serious injuries. Meanwhile, the addition of G’gur’s ships to the battle for the ownership of the pirated USS Geneva put their support ship, the IKS Ch’Lul, at slim odds and unable to help.

Facing unfavorable odds herself, Vraj devised a scheme to rid herself of her father and escape with her life at the expense of G’gur’s. With the Constitution crew’s attempts to retake the Geneva all but foiled, Vraj released the captive Geneva crew on an escape pod and bartered with Rajel: if Rajel used her command codes to set the auto-destruct sequence on the ship, then the pirate would let Rajel and her crew escape.

Fearing no alternative for the safety of her team and to keep the ship from falling into nefarious hands, Rajel acquiesced. The infiltration teams were able to be retrieved by the Ch’Lul, while Vraj lured G’gur to the bridge of the Geneva for a personal duel. Just as she was about to be felled by her father’s bat’leth, she beamed to safety in the nick of time, leaving G’gur to perish in the destruction of the stolen Federation ship.

“General G’gur was an affront to Klingons everywhere, and it was fitting that his death came by his daughter’s hands,” exclaimed T’Katch, an officer on the Ch’Lul. “But that was a dishonorable, almost cowardly way to kill an enemy.”

The truth of the series of events leading to the Geneva’s capture by Klingon pirates came to light during the waning hours of the mission. Lieutenant Commander Katrina Tam, the lead design engineer and sole escapee of the original hijacking, finally admitted to causing the ship to fall into enemy hands through a misguided yet still treasonable decision. In part a political statement, she had intended the testbed vessel to fall into the hands of the Klingon government in order to embarrass Starfleet over its covert weapons research. Instead, it had been intercepted by pirates first, and despite her feelings of guilt and efforts to rectify her mistake, she was still incarcerated for her crimes and turned over to Starfleet Security at the end of the mission.

With post-mission emotions running high after the crew’s betrayal of their morals by a Starfleet officer and the deliberate if unintentional death of an enemy combatant, not to mention the sting of a failed mission objective, the Constitution crew has been dispatched onto shore leave with the caveat of mandated counseling.

Written by Maxwell Traenor

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