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USS Veritas rescues USS Astraeus and captures pirate king

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THE SHOALS — A wanted pirate king was taken prisoner by the USS Veritas after successfully rescuing a stranded Galaxy class starship.

The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) came to the aid of the USS Astraeus, a newly refitted Galaxy class starship. Though equipped with the latest advancements from Starfleet, the vessel’s large mass had stranded the ship once it encountered the tetryon fields of the Shoals.

As reported by the FNS’ embedded reporter, Reza Kardgar, the rescue effort was both complicated and dangerous. While the Veritas crew worked to devise a way to move the Astraeus out of the area, both ships were soon ambushed by pirates. Forty-six Starfleet lives were lost in the battle before both vessels, working together, defeated and captured the crews of several pirate ships.

“The loss of so many Starfleet officers and crewmen is both painful and tragic,” said Lt. Commander Mei’konda, the executive officer of the Veritas, afterward. “No one joins Starfleet for the chance to fight. Still, we are prepared through our training for the possibility, and those casualties would have been much higher if not for the expertise of both crews.”

Yet there is good news to balance the bad. The Veritas’s commanding officer, Captain Roshanara Rahman, reports that the Veritas successfully captured the Kos’karii pirate leader known as Jilor during this engagement. Jilor is a former Klingon fleet admiral who had been punished with discommendation and exile by the Klingon High Council after a disastrous defeat during the Klingon-Federation War of 2372. He was responsible for the terrorist attacks on Antor II last year and had managed to remain at-large since that time. The Klingon government, struggling with its own response to piracy, had no comment on Jilor as of the publishing of this article.

The Veritas is now en route, with the Astraeus, to Star Station Esperance, the massive settlement considered the gateway to and from the Shoals, for repairs, resupply, and R&R for her crew.

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