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The USS Blackwell goes medieval

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USS BLACKWELL — The USS Blackwell starts a crew-bonding exercise after a change in command staff.

Changes came in space waves for the crew of the USS Blackwell. The much revered Captain Zaekia stepped down, after many strong years of command. A fresh new face came to fill such big, and blue, shoes. Cmdr Theo Whittaker was handpicked by RAdml. Renos, who knows he’s left the USS Blackwell and crew in very capable hands. LtCmdr Merrick R’Ven also stepped down from the first officer’s position, due to a burning desire to return his focus to the sciences. LtCmdr Cecil a veteran Pelian officer came out of retirement to take the now First Officer position. With a new command crew in place, The Blackwell is in for an adventure.

With such a large transition, a little fun was overdue. With the help of Lt Jarred Thoran, the senior staff gathered to the holodeck for a little team building fun. But before they got started, yet another new face arrived. LtCmdr Tatash was a sight for sore eyes for Cmdr Whittaker, and a startling sight for others not use to the shy Gorn.

Once inside the holodeck, the real fun began. The crew found themselves standing in the center of a medieval village, dressed in various garb. Decked out with flowing robes and large chunks of armor everyone was equipped with equally interesting weapons: bow and arrows, axes, swords.

Lt Thoran explained that they would be role playing, seeking information and combating a variety of challenges. He gave each of them a card that possessed their warrior abilities or magical powers. Some players even few found themselves with new pets.

Quickly, they were thrust into action with a grand quest before them. The crew parted into three teams, each off to gather a special item that would help them to face their ending challenge.

“It was a big change, a new Captain and first officer at the same time. But it keeps things interesting and everyone on their toes. I eagerly look to the future.” Lt M’iny, Comm’s officer.

While the senior staff was enthralled with their holodeck fun, a new arrival came aboard. LtCmdr Rune Jolara joined them as a counselor. She is eager to meet the crew, and headed to the holodeck with a pep in her step. We hope she’s ready for the fantastic sight of smelly- villains, goblins and ghouls, and a costumed crew fighting said villains with swords and magic.

Written by Cecil

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