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Captain Taybrim - This Got Weird


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((Hallways - Starliner Meredia))
::Sal Taybrim had been headed towards the bridge.  At least he had intended to head to the bridge.
Then the ship went holographically lopsided and Sal had to admit he was hopelessly lost.  That was quite unlike him - he had a fairly good sense of direction and he knew his beloved Starbase forwards, backwards and upside down.  But this wasn't his base and when each hallway and passageway kept shift both in aesthetics and arrangement... it was enough to get the even best navigator lost.  When one was simply a Captain with no special navigation skills... 
Yep, he had no clue where he was.
Turning another hallways that looked like it came directly out of an ancient sailing vessel he heard a splash.  And another.  And...
His entire body jerked to one side, wrapped up in a bear hug.::
Taybrim: Alia, if that's you--
::Oh.  Oh no.  It was not Alia Anders.  It was a giant octopus.  Oooops.
A giant octopus with an old woman riding upon it.  Or caught in it.  What?
The tentacled beast whipped the ginger Captain down the hallway and he slid on the wet floor until he came to an uncomfortable stop at a T-junction.  Well, that was really not how he wanted this evening to go.
Sal picked himself up, half sopping wet, which did little to improve his mood or his appearance.  His traditional Betazoid garb of a long wrapped tunic and soft pants were now stuck to him like some sort of strange cold weather swimwear and half of his hair was sodden and plastered to his face.
The octopus, however, cared little for appearances and long tentacles moved in for another hug, forcing Sal to scramble to his feet and slide down the hallway with an anguished gasp.::
Doreln: ::The Elyasian's Captain's voice was somewhere nearby, but Sal couldn't pinpoint it::  Captain Taybrim?!  Is that you?  Are you OK?
Taybrim: I'm alive and you have an octopus on your ship, is this normal?
::Which might not be the best conversation starter, but it was painfully true.::
Doreln: What?  No!  What do you... ::She rounded the corner and screamed:: How did that get here?
Taybrim: I was about to ask you the same thing!
Doreln: This way! 
::She grabbed Sal's arm and pulled him down the hallway as a wave of water followed them. For a few moments he wondered if that odl lady was alright, caught in the embrace of a giant holographic octopus.  He didn't have much time to worry about that.::
Doreln: If we continue this way we'll get to a higher deck near the escape pods.  That's a no-hologram zone for safety.  We should be able to sort things out from there.
::Escape pods?  A faint alarm bell rang in Sal's mind, not quite enough to connect the dots, but enough that he was on alert.::
Taybrim: No-hologram zone sounds perfect right about now.
Doreln: Just down this path... 
::She took a sharp turn and started heading for a ladder when the lights flashed off again.  When they came back on the ship's interior and the water were (thankfully) gone, and the octopus with it - but replaced by dark mahogany wood panels, creepy candelabras and looming shadows.
and a dead end where a ladder should be.::
Doreln: Oh, I hate this!  ::She said under her breath.
Taybrim: What setting is this?  ::He queried, almost afraid to ask.
Doreln: We did a horror cruise last month... ::She trailed off.:: Come on, I think there's secret passages in this one.
::A low howl filled the air.::
Doreln: I hope that's background noise.  ::She frowned, searching for an escape route.::
Taybrim: Sounds awfully close. 
::He started to peer around the corner when he saw a massive black wolf with red eyes loping towards them.  With... was that the same old lady on it?::
Taybrim: Are you OK?  ::He yelled towards the lady.::
Ardel: ?
Doreln: Get out of the way!  ::She pulled the Starfleet Captain backwards as the wolf charged through skidding to a stop in the dead-end::
::There was a soft 'click' and something unlocked.  A bookshelf tilted backwards, dumping Elana into a darkened secret passage.  She disappeared with a cry and the bookshelf slid back into place as smoothly as it unlocked.
Sal, meanwhile picked himself up off the ground to find a wolf on one side and... nothing on the other side.::
Taybrim: Elana?  Where are you?
::No answer::
Ardel: ?
Taybrim: Who are you?  ::He asked of the older lady, his ginger brows furrowing trying to figure out if she was in danger or enjoying herself.::
::Truth be told he was trying to figure out if he was in danger or if the massive black wolf was just a spooky apparition.::
Ardel: ?
Captain Sal Taybrim
Commanding officer
StarBase 118 Ops
"Why do we fly?  Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"
~Julian Beck
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