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Poll of the Week: A Passion for Fashion

Randal Shayne

A Passion for Fashion.  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. Which uniform was your favorite?

    • The jumpsuits of Enterprise
    • The simple tunics of The Original Series
    • The Spandex-mandarin collar duo of The Next Generation
    • The double breasted red coats, seen in the movies
    • The darker and more rugged uniforms seen in First Contact and since
    • Another choice? Tell us below!

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In nearly 250 years of operation, Starfleet has changed its uniform code a great many times. In some eras, the look was utilitarian, and supported operations in the harsh expanse of space. This is seen in Enterprise’s NASA- inspired jump suits, and the fleet’s current outfit, introduced in First Contact. Other times, elegance and refinement was the preferred approach. Such examples include the mandarin collars of Season Three Next Generation, and the dignified (though sweltering) double breasted blood red jackets and black pants, seen in five of the six original Star Trek movies. And who could forget the look that started it all- the red, gold, and blue tunics and black pant ensemble from The Original Series? In that time period, each starship and instillation had its own distinctive uniform assignment patch- a reminder of the long past days when the chevron we know today did not apply universally.

It seems that everyone has a favorite uniform from the franchise. Each carries such a legacy, and all of them have something to offer the discerning tailor in all of us- well, almost (I’m looking at you, Motion Picture one-piece pajamas). This week’s poll asks you to name your preferred uniform, and why you prefer it. Are you looking for dignity, or classic style, or functionality? Or something else? Leave your answers in the comments below!


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I'll go with the only Star Trek uniform that's actually been in space:

Less pajama looking than the TNG original but more colorful/explorer/astronaut looking than the later First Contact militaristic look.

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Wrath of Khan red uniform 4-eva!!

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I have to go with the Enterprise era.  It's more like an NASA flight suit, plus it's more utilitarian.  And all those pockets are great for storage. ;) actual

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The Wrath of Khan uniforms were always my favourite, though I must say, the uniform that Kirk wears in the Motion Picture (please, don't everyone hate me at once) seems like the most Star Trek uniform. By that I mean it seems to most exemplify (as much as a uniform is capable of exemplifying) Roddenberry's vision.

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