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Bridging the Gap

Randal Shayne

Bridging the Gap  

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  1. 1. Which bridge is your favorite?

    • What, are you kidding? Constitution Class all the way, baby!
    • There’s nothing like a bit of pomp and elegance- Galaxy Class bridge is the one for me.
    • It’s a dangerous universe, and there’s no place like a Defiant Class bridge to face it from.
    • The grey functionality of the NX Class really speaks to me.
    • You’re all crazy- Intrepid Class bridges are the best in the business.
    • Something else? Unleash your inner designer, and make your argument in the comments below!

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Star Trek's six television series, and 10 (all right, 13) movies have shown various Starfleet vessels exploring the unknowns of space. Hundreds of alien worlds have been visited, countless regions mapped, and endless foes faced. Through it all, there seems to be one critical place, without which none of these feats would be possible. I'm talking about the bridge, the command center for an entire starship. It is only fitting that such an important part of the ship should get so much screen time, and because of this, the many bridges we've seen have become iconic.

It is said that one can tell the era a ship belongs to just by glancing at her bridge. The many configurations and formats that have been shown on various vessels each have their own style, their own design. No two classes of ship have precisely the same layout. The bridge of the Defiant class is smaller, and obviously built with combat in mind. Alternatively, the bridge of the Galaxy class couldn't be more different, with it's expansive girth and wood (wood!) features.

This week's poll asks you to give your opinion on your favorite bridge layout. Did the submarine aesthetic of the NX class grab your attention, with it's efficient and trimmed look? Or are you a fan of the classic Constitution class design, the original in blending colorful style with functionality? Make your vote, and tell us about it in the comments section! 



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Always loved the Galaxy class bridge, but it is one of it's variants that I call my favorite. Though it was only seen in on the big screen in Star Trek Generations the refitted Enterprise-D bridge with it's added stations along the side walls, that I like the most. That brought a extra level functionality I felt was missing from the bridge as it was on the series.

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This one's a tough call for me. The elegance and class of the Ent-D bridge or the high-tech workhorse bridge for the Intrepid-class. I went with the latter today, but ask me again in a week and there's a good chance I'd go the other way. 

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