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MSPNPC Dualla Mikari: Not what I had planned

Oddas Aria

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((Unknown Location- Lokesh City))

:: Dualla was growing tired of the Starfleet captains' insolence. Killing him now would not be approved by Rena..however, the captain could suffer an accident which would cause his death, something he would rightly enjoy::

DUALLA: You know, Captain...it would make perfect sense for you to read the document my people have so meticulously prepared for you. Consider the alternative. 

WALTAS::Arching an eyebrow:: Being bored to death by your endless ranting? 

::This caused the man to laugh.:: 

DUALLA: Your death means so little to you. However...::smiling:: there is the woman. Some of my men have never known the touch of an alien woman. ::smile growing even bigger, even more sinister:: Perhaps I will allow them to..become aquainted. 

:: Duallas' smile was more than just a threat...it was a promise. He would make it happen just outside the door, so her screams of protest could not help but be heard by the Starfleet captain....he would have no other choice other than to surrender to his wishes::

WALTAS: There's a third option.

::[...]ing his head, Dualla spoke, while his men snickered in concert::

DUALLA: And...just what that might be, Starfleet? 

WALTAS: Oh, you'll like it. It's called...senseless violence. 

:: Dualla looked into the eyes, and too late, he recognized what was about to happen. The Starfleet captain had somehow freed himself, and had moved quicker than anything he had seen, slashing the throat of the guard closest to him, then snapping the neck of the other one. Dualla was now enraged, going for the disruptor in his belt. The hell with what Rena wanted...he was going to kill this Starfleet dung. Enraged, he spoke::

Dualla: NOW YOU DIE!!!!!

:: Dualla had drawn his weapon, and as he began to sight the captain, his left eye saw the glint of a piece of metal...then intense pain as the piece of cot leg caught him in his left eye, instantly blinding it. Dualla screamed at the intense pain, dropping his disruptor. The man quickly retrieved it, and Dualla heard the weapon go off. Looking back at the now free captain, who added further insult to injury by kneeing him in the crotch, the additional pain forcing him to the ground. Lying on his back, he felt the hard smack of the PADD on which the carefully dictated message for the captain to read was now slammed across his face::

WALTAS: Why don't you write about that..with your one good eye. 

:: Dualla opened his mouth to protest, but he felt something being jammed inside it, and down his throat, his muffled screams heard by no one. Even in pain, he thought his people would hear the commotion, then come running. When they didn't, he wondered where in hell they were. The Starfleet captain was gone, no doubt to free the woman. Standing up, blind in one eye, and shorn of a weapon, Dualla headed out into the hallway, bent on killing them both::

(( Meanwhile, down the hall ))

:: Kerana Morti was a member of long standing with the TFM, and he enjoyed his role as a designated killer. In it, he had killed fellow Laudeans who supported that fool Daysa, and would happily kill more. He would enjoy taking his time killing the Starfleet captain...he wondered exactly how much pain he could take before he got bored and finally killed him. The woman...now, that was another matter. She was already terrified, so the first battle in his mind was already won, a feeling further reinforced when he heard her piteously screaming:: 

Keris: Help! Get me out of here!

:: Kerana and the other two guards with him laughed. It will be fun to kill her, to hear her scream. Perhaps, he would kill her first, with knives::

Keris: Let me out… I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Just let me out.

:: They laughed again...but perhaps, she did have something noteworthy to say before she died::

Kerana: Allright...come join us....

::Kerana had no plans to interrogate her. He had heard what Dualla planned for her, but he was moving up the timetable::

Keris: Please I don’t want to do die. Please let me go. Please.

:: A thought crossed Keranas' mind...perhaps it was a good idea to let her go...she was a non combatant, a wee woman...what harm could she do to them? Motioning to the guards, they removed her from her cell, and placed her in the office. Just in case, they all surrounded her and closed the door as the woman pleaded her case::

Kerana: You promised to talk....

Keris: What do you want to know? I’ll tell you.

::Kerana looked at his two compatriots. None seemed suddenly all that willing to further terrorize the woman. It was strange....he was compelled to free her, but he didn't know why::

Kerana: We're not sure you could tell us anything...after all, you are not Starfleet...

::The guards nodded::

Keris: Please, I beg you. Free me, I’ll tell you everything.

:: The feeling was as strong as ever...the feeling to free this woman. He didn't know why. He looked at his men, and they seemed to be in agreement. He tried to field her, find some untruth in her statements, but he got nothing...no anything, which was unusual. The more he thought about freeing her, the more euphoric he felt, as though he were on some sort of narcotic, and his men were the same. Perhaps it was just as well. Motioning the guards to open the door, Kerana spoke::

Kerana: You have nothing to offer us. Go, and go quickly....

:: With a nod, the woman left, and closed the door behind her::

(( Meanwhile ))

:: Dualla writhed in pain as he stood up. Where were his guards? What was happening? Stumbling out into the hallway, there was no one. He cursed the heaven above as he first ripped off a piece of his tunic to bandage his eye. Once that was done, he walked down the hall, to where the woman was kept...and found her cell empty::

:: Racing down the hallway to the office, Dualla ripped the door open, and to his horror he found the three men whose sole job was to keep the woman in her cell and prepare for the broadcast. Grabbing Kerana by the collar, he yelled::

Dualla: WHERE IS SHE!!!!????

:: Kerana answered::

Kerana: We let her go...what happened to your ey..

::Dualla punched him in the face before he spoke again::


:: Quickly fielding all three men, Dualla knew something had happened to them, but he knew the woman had something to do with it. Somehow, she had compromised three seasoned fighters without firing a shot. Surmising that it might have been something she carried ( they had searched her for weapons physically, but had not scanned her), he shook Kerala again::

Dualla: Get out of the building! All of you! NOW!

:: Hustling them all outside into an empty street, Dualla spoke::

Dualla: The woman has done something to you. Alert the fighters the prisoners have escaped. Make sure the roadblocks have the information...and have this building aired out!

:: Keranas' head was beginning to clear, and so were the guards. They remember everything that had happened, and were determined to make up for their mistake::

Kerana: It will be done, Dualla!

Dualla: NOW GO!

:: As his men scurried to fulfill his orders, Dualla opened his communicator, set to broadcast to all TFM units::

Dualla:=/\= Attention all units! The Starfleet captain and Federation prisoner have escaped! Kill them both on sight!=/\=

:: With that done, Dualla, fueled with rage and pain, headed over to the TFM medical facility to have his eye properly looked at...then, he would join the search for the Starfleet escapees::

MSPNPC Dualla Mikari
Resistance Leader

As simmed by:
Lt. Commander Hannibal Tiberious Parker
Marine CO
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy

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