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PNPC Asher - Preparedness

Oddas Aria

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((Embassy on Duronis II, East Beaches, Cyndriel Villas))
::The estate was a panicked chaos of activity. The news that the family's matriarch, Calodia Jorey, would be arriving in the next few days had the staff on edge. The new Cyndriel Villas had just finished being rebuilt after the Zalkonian bombardment of the Embassy grounds and was still in need of a post-build deep cleaning. While the majority of the staff was focused on the interior, Asher was far more concerned with the estates exterior. In particular, the many, currently barren, gardens.::
Asher: Is the landscaping team from the city on its way?
::There was clearly frustration in his voice as he shouted out the question to anyone who might have an answer. His question was answered with silence. The attack in the city and protest at the Embassy gates was making it difficult for outside contractors to get into the Embassy grounds. He spotted Alana rushing by.::
Asher: Alana, try and get them on the comm. If they can't get through the front see if they will come up along the beach. We can get them through the security check there.
::Alana nodded as she continued on to whatever task she was currently trying to accomplish. With everything going on it was a difficult time to receive visitors on Til'ahn. Asher's comm device chimed notifying that he was receiving a message from his charge.::  
Jorey: =/\= Little One to Old Man. =/\=
::Asher knew that the unusual greeting was a signal that communications could be compromised and that the rest of the conversation would be coded. All Asher needed to know was if the conversation was of a business or personal nature.
Asher: =/\= Business or Pleasure, Sir? =/\=
Jorey: =/\= It's business this time. Please prepare my black suitcase and let the new tutor know I'll be heading toward Thalzed and be unavailable. =/\=
::Asher knew that 'black suitcase' was code for an intelligence covert mission. The new tutor implied someone that was in a position of authority - the new Chief of Intelligence Savan. Finally, Thalzed was the northernmost point on Betazed, so Brayden must be traveling north - like the north part of Lokesh City.::
Asher: =/\= I will take care of it. =/\= 
::Asher waited for the link to close before putting the device back in his pocket as he made his way over to a console in Brayden's office. He sat down at the desk and logged into the console.::
Asher: Computer, open a secure, encrypted communications channel. ::The console chimed when ready.:: =/\= Asher to Lieutenant Commander Savan. =/\=
Savan: =/\= Mr. Asher, this is a surprise. How may I assist you? =/\=
Asher: =/\= Brayden has asked me to inform you that he is headed north, likely into North Lokesh City, on a covert mission. =/\=
Savan: =/\= That is news to me. Anything else you can share? =/\=
Asher: =/\= Unfortunately, I have no other details for you, Commander.
Savan: =/\= I see. =/\=
Asher: =/\= If I hear from him I'll be sure to contact you right away. =/\=
::Asher closed the channel and logged out of the console. He looked around the room and grimaced as he noticed that the control panel for the office's lights, temperature, and window shades was missing. His grimace turned into disdain as he noticed the crown holding had not been installed in the room. He pulled the comm device from out of his pocket.::
Asher: Asher to Dolna… where is the contractor and where in Yimone's great light are the room's finishings?
PNPC Asher, Attendant to Brayden Jorey

As simmed by

Commander Brayden Jorey - Special Operations, Embassy of Duronis II / USS Thunder NCC-99312-A
Featured Bio Contest Facilitator | Department of Veteran Affairs | Training Team
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