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[TYPHON] MSPNC Thetis: Cube People or Crew?

Irina Pavlova

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((USS Apollo, Bridge))
::Some of her crew were cube people, she was confused, were they trying to make her new friends cube people too? They always just tried to attack and take.  They had eventually stopped before, but she could not stop them now without hurting her friends. 
So many memories of her old crew and now they were in front of her! She was focusing so much computing power on the scene in front of her she felt relief when she heard T'Lea get her attention. ::
T’Lea:  I need you to relay our plan to Major Pavlova, or Commander Oddas.  We need to be in synch for this to work.  They have to be ready with the shuttle and the same time we are ready to implement the plan. Can you do that?
Thetis: ::nodding, wide-eyed, half looking at the cube person:: I can.
T’Lea:  Excellent.  Let me know when it’s done.
::She let her thread in the shuttle bay consume most of her resources and shunted the scene in front of her for later processing, it made her more comfortable and the one named Oddas, Aria, seemed more relaxed than dealing with cube people. She came back to the forefront when the conversation was over. 
T'Lea was leaning over her, listening.::
Thetis: ::smiling:: I did it.
T’Lea: How much time do they need?
Thetis: She said '15 minutes, shields may not be up, and possibly not the "TSD"' ::she made a face, she could not find mention of a 'TSD' in her memory:: I did get the impression she was speaking .... ::she searched for the word:: exaggerating? She also wanted me to let you know that I have encrypted the comms on a rotating frequency.
T’Lea:  That’s… not optimal, but it will have to do.  ::comm. tap:: =/\= T’Lea to Oddas. Message received.  Signal me when ready.=/\=
Oddas =/\= Acknowledged =/\=
T’Lea: =/\=  Oh, by the way,  Thetis is coming with us.  Can you accommodate room for one more? =/\=
Oddas: =/\= I have a plan, I will make it work. =/\=
T’Lea: =/\=  That will make her very happy. T’Lea out. =/\=
:: With a small grin she looked at Thetis. Thetis for her part was beaming.::
T’Lea:  See.
Thetis: ::still smiling:: Thank you.
::When T'Lea turned to look Thetis followed her gaze and saw a cube person, in a crew uniform and her smile began to fade.  She wanted to whimper again but fought to hold it back.::
oO Why are they coming again?! I want to leave now! Oo
T’Lea:  Is he still here?  What have you two been doing all this time?
Jorey: response
Allison: My husband tells me Andorians are great warriors. Show me your warrior spirit, Commander. Fight them. Fight them for your shipmates. Fight them so you can go home to Andor and your family. I know there is some of you left, Commander…
T’Lea:  You’re wasting our time with that.  Andorians are liars, and cowards.  They have no strength of will.  They are weak.  So weak and dishonorable that this one had both antenna cut off.
::The women were having a disagreement Thetis didn't understand.  She just wanted get to the shuttle bay now.  There was no use, once the cube people started coming they would come and come and eventually all of the crew would be gone! ::
Andorian:  Vulcan bitc-
::  He paused… and Thetis could find no time in her memory a cube person had ever done something like that .::
Andorian:  Kill me.
T’Lea:  Can we save him?
Jorey/Allison: response
Andorian: Kill me!
T’Lea:  What about sedation and a stasis pod?
Jorey/Allison: response 
Andorian:  ::struggling:: They’re coming… my family... I love th-
::  Suddenly he reached for the other woman a borg probe extending from his arm ready to inject the woman.::
oO They would all be gone! Oo
::The lights on the bridge began to get brighter as Thetis began to react to one of her new friends in danger. ::
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