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PNPC Cmdr. T'Mar- To do the Deed


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((D’Sena’s Quarters, USS Conny))


::It was the battle of the wills. One vulcan-betazoid and one rodulan. Both stubborn as hell it seemed. T’Mar refused to leave Akeelah in her state, but Akeelah did not seem to be having any of it.::


D'Sena: All I want is to be left alone. :: After all everyone else was so good at it. :: 


::T’Mar shook her head in the negative. She wasn’t going to give in. She may not be able to read into the Rodulan’s mind, but she had the overpowering sense that she just had to help her. There was no other option.::


T'Mar: I can’t just leave you.


D’Sena: Of course you can ::She stretched out her arm to the side.:: There's the door!


T’Mar: Why is it so hard for you to accept my help?


D’Sena: Why is it so hard for you to understand that I don't want it? ::She retorted.:: Doubt you're doing that for everyone you feel guilty about. 


T’Mar: No, there’s more to it than that. You don’t understand. You can’t possible be able to understand what it’s like.


::She was talking to Akeelah, but her thoughts weren’t even focused on the woman. Her thoughts drifted to her parents, to the Vulcans that ostracized her. To Zage who got her to open up and feel.. to love.. only to disappear without a sound.::


D’Sena: Yeah you keep going on believe that. 


T’Mar: It doesn’t matter. ::pause:: You may not like me. You may not want this help. But you need it and I’m going to do it. 


D’Sena: You will not. You'll leave my quarters right now. 


T’Mar: Or what? You will stay on the floor for hours on end without anyone to check in on your well-being?


::It was a low blow. T’Mar couldn’t even believe she said it. Why was she angry at Akeelah? She had done nothing but gotten injured under T’Mar’s watch. Was that really something to be angry about or was she simply angry at herself and taking it out on the poor woman?::


D’Sena: Yes sure, why not? It's not like anyone cares. 


::And there it was. T’Mar hit below the belt and Akeelah responded in kind. Did anyone care? She wasn’t always sure she was capable of controlling her feelings, but she did have them. And she did care in her own way.. as messed up as it was.:: 


T'Mar: ::repugnant:: I care..


D'Sena: You care that it happened on your shift. That's it and nothing more. 


T'Mar: Is that really what you think? You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself!


::Was she talking to Akeelah with that or herself? The Vulcan wasn’t really sure.::


D'Sena: You can't order me around in my personal life, your rank means nothing here. 


T'Mar: No, I can’t order you, but I can help you if you would only let me. 


D'Sena: You are not leaving before you can do your good deed of the day. 


:: It was a statement not a question and T’Mar knew the Rodulan woman was conceding finally. At least a little bit. T’Mar knew enough to know that wouldn’t be the end  :: 


T'Mar: If you want to put it that way.. yes. 


D'Sena: Then do it so I can get my peace back. ::It would have been embarassing if it hadn't been necessary. Could just as well make it embarassing for T'Mar as well.:: I need to use the bathroom. 


::Blink. Blink-blink. T’Mar wasn’t sure how to respond. Was she serious? Well, surely she wouldn’t be joking now. But T’Mar hadn’t been expecting that request. After an uncomfortable pause, she nodded.::


T'Mar: Okay. Lets go in there and I can move you.






PNPC Cmdr. T’Mar

Security Officer

USS Constitution-B


as played by:



Commander Sarah Mason

First Officer

USS Constitution-B

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