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Starfleet Commodore resigns after discovery of Orion Syndicate ties

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RASKOR I, TRINITY SECTOR — Commodore Allan Kinney has resigned following the destruction of the USS Albion, following evidence that ties him to a known Orion Syndicate criminal.

Following the destruction of the USS Albion, an ageing Excelsior-class cruiser assigned to Starbase 118’s Operations Tower, Captain Sal Taybrim took the station’s new auxiliary vessel USS Columbia to Raskor I to confront Commodore Kinney over what sources close to the Operation’s Tower command staff deemed “questionable orders and scurrilous rumours”.

Although Starfleet have, once again, refused to comment on the matter, sources inside the Raskor I Embassy—where Kinney was based—have revealed to the FNS that a failed assassination attempt was made on the commodore while in a meeting with several of Starbase 118’s senior-most officers. Documents delivered to the FNS suggest that the assassin was sent by the wanted fugitive Chennel, who has been plaguing the Trinity Sector for several months.

While on the planet, it is believed that SB118’s first officer received intelligence that indicated a clandestine alliance between Kinney and Nacien Rixx, the suspected head of the recently resurrected Orion Syndicate. FNS has not received details of this arrangement, but it is believed that members of both Starfleet Intelligence and Starbase 118 have been clandestinely investigating this for several months now.

“If Kinney was really in league with Rixx, then it suggests that the Orion Syndicate are more dangerous than they have ever been,” said intelligence analyst R’u’ari Pandér, speaking exclusively with FNS. “In the past they were a minor criminal nuisance on the fringes of Federation space, but now they seemingly have established a presence in a secure Starfleet installation.”

When asked about Chennel, Pandér said, “She’s proven time and again that she is as resourceful as she is deadly. I’m not surprised that she remains at large because she seems to have fifteen different exit strategies planned at any one time.”

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