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Boy Scouting in the Future

Randal Shayne

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This particular topic has been nagging at me for some time. Are Boy Scouts existent in this time period? We see that in the Enterprise episode "Rogue Planet", Reed and Archer both have earned their Eagle Badges, meaning that they are active in and around the 2130-40s. During the events of "The Wrath of Khan", Doctor Marcus refers to Jim Kirk as an "overgrown Boy Scout", meaning that they are still known in the 2280s, but not indicating whether they are still active at this time. From then on, there is no further mention of the organization, at least in canon Trek. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this. Do they still exist in 2393? If so, what changes have been made? Love to hear your thoughts.

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Being an Eagle Scout myself, I really hope that Scouting still exists in 2393 and beyond.

Admittedly, I haven't been able to work with a scout troop in a while, thanks to life in general getting in the way, so I'm not exactly sure how things run nowadays.  So, it's kinda hard to figure out how the organization might evolve over time.  ::Smiles.::  I'd love to hear from someone who has been involved a bit more recently than 2003.

I'll think on this more and see what shakes loose.  ::Smiles.::  I wanted to give a response, but 'tis time for class.

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As someone who's currently involved, I can tell you that now is a time of great change. The inclusion of gay Scouts (though not gay leaders- grr) has caused major ripples in the waves, especially given the church-centric attitude shared by many troops, at least in my area. I'd love to see gay leaders allowed to participate, and for a more religiously open-minded attitude to take hold- something I'm sure will happen if it lasts until 2393. Anybody else have thoughts on this?

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A recent estimate put worldwide scouting numbers somewhere between 25 and 40 million members. Therefore I don't believe that it will die out anytime soon.

As a scout myself I can say that scouting is still going strong, and I reckon that it will most certainly survive until 2393 and far beyond that. Although it would probably look quite different.




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It's a neat thought exercise to take the current model of scouting and put it in the future and imagine analogues to what we see today. For example, scouting associations today manage and run a bunch of camps across the world. Are there "scouting planets" or "scouting outposts" throughout the Federation? Whole worlds where scout troops venture out into the wild? The idea of there being a seemingly endless supply of habitable worlds make it feel like it wouldn't be too hard to find an unclaimed planet for any civil society organization that wanted one :)

Do the scouts have their own ships? Has their focus changed from wilderness survival to space survival? Do you get merit badges in warp theory?

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